Ride Home 1/24

For two nights running, five o'clock came and went and I remained at my place of employ beyond it. It's not really a big deal, in that yesterday it for a graduate level class on social media and bike commuting (those topics courses are oddly specific) and tonight it was doing "important work stuff" (important because it was for my boss) and frankly, I shouldn't complain about working "late," especially in a town that completely fetishizes it. Here there are people whose Blackberrys have their own Blackberrys and they (the people, not the phones) relish nothing more than being on call in case the Senator Chief of Staff Legislative Affairs Guy Intern Coordinator "needs" them. Anyway. The thing that I kind of mind about working beyond normal hours, in that I'm a creature of habit, is potentially having to face marginally different traffic conditions on the way home. I feel like I know what to expect from the post-five crowd. The post-six crown is a totally different story, though I suppose, after riding with them today, I can safely say that they're pretty much the same as the post-five crowd and my worries were essentially groundless. So much for that.
Many a backup on Massachusetts Avenue, starting not much past Garfield and extending to at least Florida. At the sound of a police siren, I decided to make haste for the sidewalk, both out of deference and out of self-preservation. No need to become the hood ornament on the Toyota of an unthinking driver looking to make way to allow the patrol car to pass. Sidewalk riding means going slower and it means sharing with zombies. I'm pretty certain, but not one hundred percent so, that the jogging in place of zombie jogger prompted/guilted the one at the opposite side of the street to start. Oy.
I'm not sure I'd wear a helmet if we had proper, separated bike infrastructure. Judge me if you must.
Bicyclists on Q and plenty. Some the fashion bike helmets. Others in bike pants and t-shirts, which I find to be a weird combo.
I have an idea that might curb drivers using cell phones. Deputize bicyclists and pedestrians. Put a bounty on it. Like, if I can get MPD a picture with irrefutable evidence that a driver is using a phone while driving, I get $5 out of the ticket. Let's crowdsource this. It's the best of both worlds of voyeurism and vigilantism. Anyway, I only bring this up since I watched a driver drift in and out of the bike lane in front of me for most of my eastward trip and I daredn't (probably not a word) risk passing.
I diverted from 11th to E, rather than take Penn to the Capitol, which would have been shut. E was fine, but a little crowded and the bike lanes were what they were, which was sort of blocked.
I smelled the smell of marijuana by Judiciary Square. Irony, maybe?
Union station and thereabouts was essentially free from traffic. Stanton and Mass and beyond to the park was also pretty going.
I stopped at the Safeway for some groceries. If anyone cares, I bought parsley and whole wheat pasta and feta cheese and a six pack of Newcastle. Apparently, I forgot to lock up my bike when I went inside. I am extremely, extremely lucky that it was still there when I came out 10 minutes later. Its theft would have been, roughly speaking, the worst tragedy in the history of mankind. Or maybe just partially that. But still, I got lucky. I've never forgotten to lock up before and I'm whatever the thing more sever than chagrined is.
That crepe place still isn't open. There's a sign that says they'll open in January. We'll see. No that I would have stopped for crepes, but I pass it enough to wonder what the deal is. And that's the deal. Soon. Thus concludes another Tales From The I Wonder What That Guy Knows About When That Crepe Place Will Open.

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  1. The runners (you mustn't say jogger. That's what the newspapers say in reference to someone who met an untimely end while out running) were certainly out in force last eve. Sidewalk-riding would have been a challenge.
    Great idea on the photo of scofflaw drivers using cell phones, etc. They give the company who makes traffic light cameras a cut, why not the common person? I also think we should be allowed to do as motorcyclists do and throw change/magnets at automobiles whose attention we need to garner. Of course, that could cause ugliness.
    My heart stopped for your bicycle at the grocery store. I've had nightmares in which I failed to lock my bike up and come out to find it missing.