Ride Home 1/27

I have two speeds: Monday-Friday Morning and FRIDAY AFTERNOON. 10 rides a week and this definitely the best and by far, followed by Tuesday morning, Thursday afternoon and Monday afternoon. Actually, I just made up the rankings for those other rides. I won't deign bothering to rank rides 2-10 as they're so far below ride #1 that it doesn't much matter. Friday evening rides are just the best.
Maybe it was because I left work about a half hour earlier, but it seemed considerably lighter out. Do we have spring sunsets to accompany our spring temperatures? Is the Earth careening wildly off course? Someone consult an astrologist agronomer argonaut astronomer.
49 states to go until DC shoots the moon and gets Senators, right? That's why we elected these jokers, right? Right? Guys? Anyone? Bueller?
I spent the entire ride on Massachusetts behind a guy on a Surly Long Haul Trucker. His is the same color as MG's, that slatey blue-gray that goes especially well with a brown Brooks B17, which his (and I think hers) has. He also had fenders, over some heft tires, and reversible pedals, with clips on one side and platforms on the other. I really wanted to say something, but we didn't really spend enough time at a stop light for me to make my ever-so-awkward "conversation." Anyway, right on, that guy.
I rode in jeans and didn't bother rolling the pant leg. Why bother wearing jeans if you're going to mind getting things like chain grease or yak blood on them? I didn't bother changing back into my still wet clothes. What would be fun about that? Absolutely nothing, except maybe the hilarious opportunity to pretend that I had just fallen in a swimming pool as sometimes happens in hi-larious romantic comedies or such.
This morning I saw a black BMW with the licence plate OMG M3. I hope the DMV charges extra for excess douchiness. Today, I saw some sedan with the plate MRSPUTT. I think that's hilarious as well, as it accurately, probably, describes her golf game, maybe. If bikes had vanity plates, or license plates, mine would be SKYWTR: UNRLNTNG. I might need a bigger bike or maybe a tinier font. I suppose it depends on whether the license plates would be retrofitted from those built for cars, much like they do for our roads when bicycle inclusion is promoted, or whether we'd have separate, bike-sized plates.
On Q, I rode behind some guy who seemed hipstery, but I don't know if hipsters were SIDIs. I turned on 7th and took 7th through Shaw (?) and couldn't help but thinking about gentrification. I have little to say about it. On landed gentry, I have a few things to say, but they're mostly about 16th century Hungarian and the 17th century Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Let me know when Shaw gets a Vasa king and then I'm totally back in the conversation.
I turned on M and then down 6th and then skirted across to 5th via the sidewalk and then it was to BicycleSpace, DC's most my favoritest bike shop. Unfortunately, they didn't have any happy hour specials, but $5 wells and 2 for 1 tire levers would have been pretty cool. I stopped so I could look at this bike:

It's a Kona Honky Inc and it's in my size and it's the greatest bike in the history of the world. Ok, that last part's a minor exageration, but I thoroughly enjoyed my test ride (who test rides a bike on downtown streets near a highway entrance on a Friday afternoon rush hour? This guy) and the bike is even on sale. But, you know, the whole n-1 thing (if you don't know, ask some bikey person as I won't hash it out here). So, maybe sell the CC and buy this? If you have strong feelings and/or too much money that you like to use to buy bikes for random internet bike weirdos, let me know.
After ogling and test riding the bike, I had a nice long talk with shop owner Erik, whom I also saw this morning at #fridaycoffeeclub. Just a great guy and I could talk bikes with him all day. But he's got a business to run and my boss would probably frown upon my having him on speaker phone all day, so, yeah. I mean, maybe the students would like it. "So, do you want to take these courses next semester or do you have any questions about the Linus Roadster?"
5th to G to 3rd to E to Union Station, then down Mass to home. Just a really nice night. Enjoy your weekend rides or weekend laundry-doing or both or neither.

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