Ride Home 1/31: One Year and like 8 hours later

I promise that all the subtitles won't be this lame.
What a stupidly gorgeous afternoon of weather. This happened:
Bare legs. 
Fairly incredible. It was so nice out that I smiled most of the way home. People probably thought that I was crazy or even more so than usual. My favorite thing about observing my fellow bicycle commuters is looking at their facial expressions and/or their muttering (the overwhelming majority of bike commuters mutter to themselves) and I think the same hobby is present in many others because I'm certain that my ear-to-ear grinning was observed by almost every other cyclist I passed. I also dealt with a bout of nostalgia this afternoon, which took me away from my newish route and back down my old path down New Mexico and through Glover Park and to Georgetown. Thanks to nostalgia, I saw a detached blinky, flashing on the side of the roadway, and a stern looking woman in a red track suit, standing stoically midblock in Georgetown. I also got to ride the 34th street bike lane, a bike lane that I believe was purposely built for me that I have subsequently abandoned. Sorry. There were a few cyclists a couple of blocks ahead of me and I saw them at the intersection with M. They were on CaBis and seemed nice, but one can never tell. Perhaps they were evil. I don't think Bikeshare screens for that, though the user agreement is something like 106 virtual pages when you rent the bike on a daily basis. They made it across the street before the guy with the skull-and-crossbones-wearing-chef-hat bumper sticked cut me off with his left turn. But I was still smiling, because it was just that nice out. I think a lot of bicyclists ride with chips on their shoulder and actively look for things that could ruin their day. I think this is not a good idea.
On M, I rode next to a guy who was riding a purple bike with yellow bar tape. He stayed in the middle lane and I rode in the left and I eventually out-wilied him as he got stuck on the wrong side of a slow cab. I felt very Gwadz and in a good way. Sometimes things just click.
Washington Circle and the other side of Penn were fine. I should go this way more often. If only Washington Circle weren't so abysmal. There's probably another way to get through Foggy Bottom and over to the White House, but I think the side-r streets have too many stop signs for my liking.
I tweeted this and it's true.
Penn was easy, but I sort of wanted to ride down to the Mall and take that across. It just didn't really work out, but there's always tomorrow. And tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. And tamari, but that's something entirely else.
Is this yours?
shirt on pole
It's a navy blue tee shirt and it's been on this pole at Penn/Constitution for the past couple of weeks. I pass it every freaking stupid day. I'm surprised that some state security apparatus hasn't exploded it yet. Speaking of security, riddle me these:

I have a solution for medium-term budget balancing. It involves discontinuing any government orders with Caution Tape 'R' Us. Whatever this is trying to accomplish can probably be done a better way.
Not much more awkward than zombie joggers in love. Jogging is a solitary activity, right? To watch a couple do it, with one out front blazing a trail and the other loping behind seems a little sad. But I'm not familiar with zombie culture, so maybe it's all perfectly natural.
I saw a rather tough looking gentleman walking with a rather small and dainty looking white dog, the age of which was no greater than 6 months. Sesame street cred.
Two bicycle cops and a squad car officer near my block. One of the bike cops was smoking. I'd think that'd be counter-productive, but whatevs. There didn't seem to be any need for immediate bicycle policing, so I was terribly concerned for public safety. Oh well.
Tomorrow should also be nice. Ride if you want.


  1. As a cyclist in DC I consider myself reasonably skilled at getting through traffic circles and even enjoy it most of the time, but Washington Circle is a DEATHTRAP. It's scary basically every single time.

  2. I'd like to think they put all that tape there in order to keep people out while they fix the (almost imperceptibly slight) bump that metal threshold/seam thing presents. BUUUUT the reality is probably closer to "We'll show all those cyclejerks jumping the light at East Cap and 1st then riding through the area scaring all the nice tourists stopped in the middle for photos. Try and navigate THIS shifting labyrinth of plastic, scofflaws!" You're smart to ride with coffee and keep yourself alert!

  3. I got my favorite sweater hanging off a tree in Chinatown once. No lie. People just leave clothes in places. It baffles me.

  4. Washington Circle can be scary. I deal with it the same way you're supposed to when you encounter a bear in the woods: I make myself appear as large as possible and take the lane. Blinking like a malfunctioning Christmas tree (big white blinker in front, red intermittent blinker on my back, bright clothing) helps too.