As the Shirelles Never Sang, "Will You Still Blog Me Tomorrow?"

The night slipped away from me and I posted the ride in late, so I'll post a post tomorrow and the post won't be about my ride home. It will be a I BLOG YOUR RIDE post for I was off riding another person's commute tonight. I mean, it's not like it was a secret; he knew and stuff. So, that's that.
In other news, which is pretty much the same news, DeBonis covered the illegal parking kerfluffle from this morning.
In news about Others, looks like MC Gainey has a few movies in post. That's a Lost reference, for those of whom I've lost. For those of you remaining, there's coffee tomorrow morning at Swings and the whole gang will probably be there. You might even get lucky and have MG race you there. She's fast, so watch out.

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