Can You Wait One More Day for Ride Home 2/10?

Because you're going to have to. Sometimes the vicissitudes of modern life (i.e. the opportunity meet up with some friends for some beers) interfere with the troubadour/blogger lifetstyle that provides your nightly "entertainment." I'll bang something out during Liverpool-ManU, which I anticipate watching tomorrow morning. And sure, "bang something out" doesn't necessarily indicate that I'll be approaching the post with a high level of seriousness and earnestness, but this is free and stuff, so I suppose that you'll have to just make due. "I'll suppose you'll have to just make due" is going to be on next year's buttons, so look forward to that.
Hugs and kisses,

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  1. Your blog has magical powers! They installed the station next to Stoddert today!