Ride Home 2/22: My book about Elliot Spitzer would be titled Politics and Pros

Best night for bicycling in awhile. Not even cold. Not even partially cold. Just really great, far too great for the too few people I saw out riding. Maybe it was because I left marginally later than usual. I don't know. But had I my druthers, the city streets would be flooded with bicyclists, but we're not quite there yet. Maybe tomorrow.
I forgot to do my usual plug for the JDAntos Bikeshare data crunching. Here's part 8 and it's about elevation and trip distance. It's interesting. I think that the "answer," insofar as there is an "answer," is just adding more infill stations, but that's pretty much always the answer.
[I'm trying to blog with TFTS "favorite" Dance Moms on in the background. I said to Official Wife that "this show is really distracting." She responded, "you mean fascinating?" Yeah. I should retire to my "office" which I think is what we're calling the second bedroom, which is currently used to store Christmas ornaments, extra toothpaste and winter clothes. Glamorous.]
I wish there was a way that I could somehow use harness the energy that drivers waste speeding to stop signs. Is there an app for that? No? Is there an app that can turn my frustration with their brushing past me into something? Like something useful, like extra Angry Birds?
Road work in Sheriden Circle makes things interesting. Have to merge into the traffic lane and then merge into the circle and then out of the circle. Not the most fun. For a spot, I rode on the wrong side of the cones, which makes me a dangerous scofflaw/rebel without a cause/guy biking on the wrong side of the cones. It was some real Thunderdome shit.
Lots of bike traffic by the bike shop on Q. I guess it's time for tuneups or new bike accessories or whatever. Shopping for bike stuff on the commute home is like going to the grocery store on an empty stomach.
This might or might not have been Spiderman. I don't know if Spiderman wears a Spiderman backpack and wears a Spiderman helmet. I also don't know if Che Guevara has a poster of himself on his college dorm room wall.

I can't say that I've completely reconciled myself to the fact that slower bicyclists will invariably ride in front of me at stop signs, but I've at least reconciled to not blogging about it so much. I don't know what effect this will have on the overall length of the posts. I haven't quite reconciled myself to not blogging about taxis parking in bike lanes. Why do we have a regulatory and licensing regime for them if it's not resulting in overall service and quality improvements, including better driver behavior? I can't imagine drivers are much happy about it either, especially since it causes bicyclists to have to temporarily leave the bike lane and putatively (but not really) slow down car traffic. Boo taxis. Boo Radley.
I still want a Brompton. It'd be as useful as a strawberry is to a hedgehog. [Official Wife dissenting. "A strawberry is useful- it's its headpiece." I think this is a Dance Moms joke.]
Joggers. Zombie joggers. Everywhere. From now until November. It was fun while it lasted.
Does Michelle Obama drive a car with the license plate 1STLADY? Cause if she does, I totally saw her. Not very discreet.
Take my word for it. It said 1STLADY
I stopped by my dealer to pick up some shrooms. Shrooms is what I call white button mushrooms and my dealer is Safeway. "Tripping" is what I call making a mushroom stroganoff. I'm glad I took the time to clarify, lest I give everyone the wrong impression.


  1. "I wish there was a way that I could somehow use harness the energy that drivers waste speeding to stop signs. Is there an app for that? "

    --> no, but there is a technology: that's how Hybrids achieve good city mpg. Now if they could harness the energy drivers waste thinking about whatever they are thinking about when they clearly aren't thinking about driving.....

  2. Ha! I thought I was the only one who referred to the legal ones as Shrooms. And stroganoff is the absolute best use of them, IMO.

    The other night I was bike commuting home up 15th and no less than 5 of us were in a single file line at a light. NO ONE SHOALED ANYONE. I nearly cried that you weren't there to see it.