Ride In 2/20: Dean Cain is able

Ellen is over and while you're still in your pajamas, there's probably mostly eaten bowl of cereal next to you on the table by the couch and if you're not wearing slippers it's probably because you left them upstairs and rather then get up to get them, you just decided to tuck your feet under the blanket or maybe put them up on the coffee table but not in a way that disrupts the magazines or would leave foot marks on the glass. Or at least, this is the scene that I've imagined for you, the lucky many who are able to stay home today, freed from the bondage of your federal or federal-affiliated jobs and granted a not unpleasant February day to celebrate the lives and accomplishments of the presidents, all of whom were men, some of whom had beards. Maybe later you'll go for a bike ride or maybe later you'll sit down to write up a blog post that you'll email me (talesfromthesharrows@gmail) so I can put it up this evening as has become my Monday habit. I'd very much appreciate your effort, even if it's not much effort at all. I find that writing about bicycling (a commute or another ride, or even just tips or gear recommendations or anything really) is a great way to honor, let's say, Rutherford Hayes (male, bearded) and vastly superior to watching even more daytime talk shows. Considered yoursevles besought.
In case you couldn't tell from my pitiable first paragraph, I am at work today and I commuted here by bicycle. Over my eight miles (Cheddar?), I saw 9 other bicyclists. That's a rather low number, even for a colder day. Either people weren't working or they decided to drive to work (a possibility I even considered) on account the free parking. I'm guessing that most everyone was just off today. Car traffic was likewise rather minimal. Contrary to what you'd think (maybe), I don't like commuting on days when there's less traffic. Drivers seem a little bit too relaxed and not as attentive as usual (ha!) and perhaps not nearly as aware of bicyclists, since there aren't nearly as many of them to be aware of. Plus, what am I suppose to write about? The nine people on bikes I saw? Ok.
  1. guy with bike trailer (penn ave), with hard plastic suitcases in them. For some reason I thought he was transporting stereo equipment. When I passed him, I said that I liked his trailer. He might have grunted. 
  2. Guy by White House. He rode through Lafayette Park, while I was stopped to adjust the tension of my pedals. I had tightened them too much and I couldn't barely unclip. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to unclip in time if I needed to (in case of emergency maybe?), so I actually stopped halfway through the trip to adjustment. 
  3. Purple track jacket. I see this guy a lot. This time it was on 15th between K and L. He might also have been wearing a headband. I appreciate bike commuters who wear the same distinctive clothes everyday. Makes my job easier. 
  4. CaBi on Mass. Guy riding towards Thomas Circle, mixed in with traffic. 
  5. CaBi by Dupont. Guy riding down Connecticut Avenue. Sort of evocative of earlier guy on CaBi, in that he was white and youngish. 
  6. 6. Guy on Schwinn racing bike by Sheriden Circle. He was riding either on the sidewalk or very close to it. He looked cold and a little uncomfortable. 
  7. Guy riding down the opposite sidewalk on Massachusetts, by the Observatory. His bike might have been orange or I might just be making that up. He was the only person I saw riding down Mass today. I would've expected more for some reason. 
  8. Guy riding up Mass way fast. He came down Macomb in front of me and just took off up the hill. I tried to give chase (for what it's worth), but he kept well in front of me. He must've been feeling good this morning, because I certainly wasn't. Legs just didn't want to go to work. 
  9. Girl on Mass sidewalk with buttons on backpack. She had a few buttons, but none of them Sharrows buttons. I guess that means there's room for market growth. 
I did put air in my tires this morning, but it only made my bike feel even heavier. Stupid heavy air.
I bike past the Superme Court every day and I never write about it. So, here are my thoughts on the architecture and ambiance of the Supreme Court building: it's fine. A bit ponderous.
By the end of the week, it'll be at least 60 degrees and I expect everyone to be out on bikes again. I'm going to wish safe and hassle-free travels to all. I don't know why I'm doing this now. Maybe because I've already told you about pretty much everything I seem to recall about my trip this morning, already exhorted you to write a guest post, and have completely run out of other things to mention. Or, maybe, it's just because I'm a nice and thoughtful person. I think we both know the real reason.
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  1. Love the post, but - if I may - I can't figure out the title. Who is Dean Cain? Who suggested he was dis/un/impotent? Please don't let Dean Cain be John Galt's secret blogger name. Cheers, V.

  2. Dean Cain: Actor of much fame and little note.

    Cain & Abel: Brothers, once, in the bible, neither was kept.

    Dean Cain is Able: combination pun.

    Trivia: Babe Ruth once held (& may still hold for all anyone cares) the record for most career strikeouts.

  3. I'll have you know that Lois and Clark: The New Adventures Of Superman (LCTNAoS) completed four highly acclaimed seasons on ABC and reached as high as 44 in the ratings. Little note......psh!

  4. Haha! I enjoyed the pun... and your article. But I found this because I was actually looking for Dean Cain info! For any Dean Cain fans out there, we talked with him recently at the Movieguide Awards! Watch our Dean Cain interview here! Thanks!

  5. @Michelle- Thanks so much for your comment. I'm a huge Dean Cain fan (aren't we all?) and I'm grateful to you for linking to the interview, which I found very informative re: Dean Cain. Keep up the good Dean Cain-related work and if you see Dean, please give him my warmest regards and the warmest regards of the DC bike commuting community.