Posting Delays Delay Posting

I think I'm going to combine last night's ride home, today's (brief) ride in and tonight's ride home into one "epic" post that I'll either write tonight, write tomorrow during the Chelsea game, write tomorrow after the game or write on Sunday, perhaps while drinking a mojito. So, for those of you in habit of using these posts to fritter away the lunch or post-lunch hour, I suggest you fritter the time away another away, perhaps with fritters themselves, as fritters are delicious. You may heckle my lack of posting in the comments. Or you may praise my lack of posting, in the hope that so doing will convince me to finally stop blogging about my bike commute and dedicate myself more fully to my "true" talent, namely dressing toy poodles in vintage clothes and staging them to recreate my favorite scenes from Mad Men.


  1. Darn you! I AM in the habit of frittering away some time reading your posts! Consider yourself heckled.

  2. Ahhhh....post-lunch. The perfect time to take a nap before I go back to sleep.