Ride Home 3/21: This won't be long

I rode home tonight via the BicycleSpace Bikesnob Ride of Mayhem and this took me through downtown and past the White House and Lincoln Memorial and up to the top of a parking garage next to Nationals Park and the whole thing was a little surreal, since I'm normally not commuting surrounded by a pack of 100 other bicyclists. It was a good time and I saw some people that I know from the #bikeDC twitter and some other people I know from real life and met at least one person that I hadn't met before, so that was good. I also did talk to the Bikesnob and the one thing I said was both lame and factually inaccurate. So, that was my brush with a famous bike blogger. Regular posting will resume tomorrow.

Hugs and kisses,
(Remember when I did this those other times? Yeah, it's still awkward.)

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