Ride In 3/2: March, of the Penguins

Cold enough to wear gloves, but not cold enough to keep them on, even after deciding to put them on after leaving #fridaycoffeeclub.
I think this post will be impressionistic than anything else. That means that I'm going to dab paint on my computer screen, so don't look at the post from too close otherwise you won't see the picture for the brush strokes. I'm the Degas of bike bloggers, but mostly in that my posts frequently muse on the nature of dancers moms. So, kiss narrative goodbye. Not that there was ever very much to begin with.
Giving a wide berth when passing another bicyclist seems like a nice thing to do, but sometimes it feels like it's patronizing. You don't smell or anything. I'm just trying to be nice.
Sunglasses are good, but I don't think I'll need to wear them until summer. Moonglasses: not a real thing.
Some people really look tired when they're riding their bikes. I saw a guy who looked really beat. It's my goal on my commute to never really exert myself more than absolutely necessary. I don't think this is the goal of others, some of whom I believe are using their bicycle as a means of exercise. I'm much more likely to use my bicycle as a means to convey beer or tacos. Well, not tacos because DC has subpar Mexican food. But you get the idea. I think that more people would be more happy if they made the transition from thinking about a bicycle as a workout tool (a lot of bros in gyms are workout tools) to thinking about it as an easy and essentially free way to get to and from places where beer and/or coffee is served. Or work, I guess.
Let's hurry up on reopening E Street. Thanks.
I thought this was interesting. I also thought this was good. And these are pictures of lemurs. Did anyone click through only to find out that I actually did just link to pictures of lemurs and it wasn't a joke in any real way?
I predict double the bike traffic for 15th once the M street cycletrack is done. I predict no L street cycletrack, ever. I predict DDOT "studying" M Street and determining that it can be a two-way track. I'd like to predict that I'll be proved wrong.
There's a pretty steady stream of bike commuters, even after 9. I guess work start times are pretty variable. I wonder what time of the morning is the one in which the most local bike commuters are on the road. Maybe 8:37? Anyone got a guess? (There's no way to know, is there? Aside from massive self-reporting, which I think is beyond the organizational scope of even the 37th most popular bike commuter blog in DC)
The default position of any cyclist really needs to be "I will anticipate having to stop at stop signs and red lights." If you want to proceed with caution thereafter, do what you will, but I just don't know about people who seem to have the exact opposite default position, which is "I plan to run this stop sign/light, unless I absolutely can't." A question of perspective, I guess.
Since changing pedals, my bike seems to be running better. How can this be? Oh, maybe it was the new rear cassette and chain that I put on a week or two before the pedals. Nevermind.
There are no bike lanes on the Beltway, but there are still traffic jams. I don't get it.
You should always be extra well-behaved when you're biking by your office because the last thing you want to do is get into a collision with your boss. Or at least maybe that's the last thing you should want to do. Unless your boss is a really big fan of demolition derbys and you can somehow convince him or her that you were just indulging them in some awesome vicarious demolition derby experience. Probably won't be good for your bike though.

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