Ride In 4/6: Onyx Phoenix

I might keep this relatively short, as I must run some lunchtime errands, the foremost of which is the purchase on envelopes in which I can mail some Sharrows buttons. I've learned from last time to spring for the padded ones so we don't have postal larceny, which is what I call it when the buttons ripped the envelopes and fell out.
This morning was Friday Coffee Club and as usual it was great. All bikes rides should begin or end or both with coffee and good company.
It was almost cold this morning. The spring seems colder than the winter did. It's a perception issue.
You know the feeling you get when someone pulls up and stops beside you instead of stopping behind you? I think I've put my finger on what the feeling reminds me: someone sidling up to you at the next urinal over even when there are empty ones. So, #bikeDC, here's my advice: don't be a urinal lurker! Stop behind people and not next to them.
Caught all of the greens from 16th through Massachusetts, which is really rare and must have been because I was riding fast for some reason, perhaps to escape a urinal lurker. (I apologize for the copious and abundance use of "urinal" in this blog post. I'm just really trying to drive page hits from weirdos with bladder problems)
Many people on bicycles today and for the most part everyone looked like they were having fun. Except for maybe the people who got cut off by a woman who passed them on the left and then made a right turn in front of them. I don't think making right turns from left lanes is a good idea, pretty much ever. The joy and freedom one feels while riding a bicycle shouldn't be license to flout all commonly held conventions of public behavior interactions. (I'll try to fit that on the next round of buttons, though it's a bit scoldy)
 There are so many out of service buses running up Massachusetts. At least 3 pass me everyday. Why? Empty buses are even more wasteful than single-occupancy cars. Is there really not a better way?
Picked up a few more City Papers from last week, just in case anyone (and by anyone, I mean like 20 people) opt for the Ellie paw-tographed copy. Biking the last couple hundred feet reminded me of Paperboy, though I forswore chucking the papers at passersby. Barely. I have very poor impulse control, but I also have pretty poor aim, so it's not like I'd do that much damage anyway.
Blog ya later. Blog ya later, forever. (This is my new and improved sign-off. Better than hugs and kisses, right?)


  1. ...those people still managed to have fun today :)

  2. It was nice to meet up with you this morning. I'll have to bring my $5 next Friday. I was hoping for a shout out in the blog, guess I forgot to mention that I was CaBi royalty -- April Member of the Month. ;)

    I guess I will have to wear my cool CaBi hat they gave me to Coffee Club next week.