Ride Home 5/14: I have a clam stockbroker and all he does is buy valves

TFTS first: typing this post on my phone. Sure wish I had a smart phone. Just using the numbers to make tones and a guy with really good hearing is making the transcription on the other end. It's very elaborate. Excuse the typos.
The rain remained. A bit fiercer than this morning, but nothing too bothersome. I think I prefer heavier rain to lighter rain (and chubby rain to both) because at least if I'm going to get wet riding, I'd like to get it over with. Same type of personality trait that compels me to put my shoes on both feet at the same time. I mostly wear slippers.
When did umbrellas become 4 feet deep? Can stick your whole torso inside. Good thing they're transparent. Also, was previously umbrella deficiency a problem if engineering or imagination? It's an exciting time for umbrellas. The future of umbrellas is now!
The one thing that I tend to discount when I push myself off before the green light arrives (not a veiled Gatsby reference. A Vailed reference is a suggestion to go skiing) is that the driver behind me will do the same and then quickly try to change lanes, bringing the front of his car rather closer to me than I would've otherwise preferred. I'd hate to get clipped.
I ended up on the sidewalk for an extended period of time. Too many cuts in the curb. Pedestrians are even second-class citizens on their own turf. If a driver wants to block the path with his car, he will and there's not much you can do about it- other than walk in front or walk behind or leap over the car if you have incredible leaping abilities. Or a portable trampoline. But the super power of tremendous leaping would be much cooler. If I had to say that I have an uncanny ability, it'd be that I'm really adept at spotting Russians. This doesn't quite qualify me to be an Avenger- maybe during the Cold War I could've been of service to Queen and country. Assuming Freddie Mercury needed to spot Russians.
Jaywheeled across 14th at Q. A rarity for me. That's a long way across. Probably not a great idea.
There should be greater priority for the movement of buses. In terms if sheer practicality, this seems to make sense. But "people" (and I don't know what I mean by that) hate buses. They are the Rodney Dangerfield of urban transportation. Pedicabs are the Bob Saget.
Who are you, beard guy? Your beard is excellent. We're, literally, passing acquaintances, in that we pass each other in nearly every bike commute, morning and night. Also, sorry if your righteous beard is some kind if adverse medical condition and my pointing it out is insensitive.
The average American, when walking near the Capitol, needs 18 feet of personal space. Sometimes I think that westward expansion was just the accidental result of incipient 19th century tourism.
Ambulance with a siren that syncopated. Sounded like a three year old with a penny whistle. This was by Lincoln Park. Either the siren was broken, the driver was kooky or they've lowered the age limits for EMTs.
Dominos delivers pizza by bike. Wish that I had taken a picture. I mean, it's still Dominos, so let's not all rush out and order any, but if you happen to be forced/tricked into getting some, maybe you can request bike delivery. For, like, bike solidarity or whatever.

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  1. I saw the Dominos guy delivering when I was out with my dog...I thought "you know, I'd almost support a law that says delivery joints must do all deliveries by bike/ass within an X block radius." That's the kooky authoritarian in me...the libertarian says that customers should demand bike delivery and let the economy sort it out. By my estimation though, the economy isn't as good at sorting things out as we want to give it credit for.