Ride Home 5/8: Heathcliff and Othello

I think about bikes a lot, but I think I think about cars even more. It's an auto-centric world and I just happen to bike through it sometimes. Sometimes I drive through it. I never pogo through it. That'd be wrong. I think the thing I think about cars, and maybe this is something that I'm reminded of due to my vulnerable proximity to them when I'm on my bike, is that they are very large and they require a lot of room and even more room if you expect them to achieve any degree of speed in their operation. They really take up a lot of space. Space that you can't use for other stuff. I think I'd rather have the other stuff. It's not a moral judgment. Just one of personal preference.
Felt good going uphill and felt pretty good going down and then felt ok on the flats and the false flats, which I believe are called falsettos in Italian. It was one of those rides when my legs were going, but it didn't really feel like I was pedaling, like the bike was moving on its own and I was just along for the ride. I also coughed a little. I think I inhaled some fumes. I don't think too frequently about fumes, toxic or log (wait, that's a flume), and the amount of exciting particulates I get the pleasure of gulping each day. I'll elect to still not do that. I do think, sometimes, about dooring and how little I worry about dooring. Perhaps, I should worry more about dooring and about fumes or maybe I should just think about log flumes and The Doors. Fun fact I just made up: The End is about Jim Morrison's trip to the amusement park. Ride the snake, ride the snake, to the lake, the ancient lake, baby.
What's the name of a vehicle somewhere between a motor scooter and a motorcycle? Like, it's sort of like a motorcycle, but not a real one, or at least one that I would take seriously.
BikeFest. It's still on Friday. Hurry up and buy tickets while you still can. I'm still working on figuring out my attire. I'd like to dress all 30s, but I can't find a barrel my size. It's a hard-knock life.
Massachusetts and 11th doesn't have nearly as many crosswalks as you'd think. Apparently, traffic engineers think that you should only cross in like 4 places, even though it's like 9 different intersections. People don't actually look for white paint when making their decisions. Except maybe if they're painting a hospital room or something. Crosswalks should follow people and not the other way around.
I shoaled today. I did it and it was wrong. I did it because I thought I'd be safer if I jumped the light. But that's not an excuse. I mean, it's an excuse, but not a good excuse or a valid one. Don't shoal. Or do, but come up with better excuses.
There are only two speeds that people ride Bikeshare bikes: too fast and too slow.
Supreme Court: history's greatest monsters.

When I stopped to take this, the fuzz were very suspicious. Perhaps because I learned all my cop slang from 1920s gangster movies. Also, because, really, taking surreptitious pictures of the nondescript sides of federal buildings probably is sort of weird and suspicious. And, of course, that handlebar mustache and black cape do me no favors. I should really get a different color cape.

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