Ride In 5/1: Catnapping has two very distinct meanings

My bike commute happened roughly 8 hours ago. It was a simpler time back then. [I'm humming the theme song from Happy Days. I'm also smacking a juke box repeatedly, but to no avail, and making overly presumptuous gestures at the poodle skirted ladies of Milwaukee.]
It wasn't raining when I left. It was muggy, though. Welcome to summer. It might rain on the ride home. Makes no difference really. I'm a weather fatalist and by that I mean someone who's deeply afraid of being murdered by Al Roker. Well, aren't you?
Today's post is late because I spent my lunch break filling out a Virginia tax return. And then filling it out again, but in a different way. The Virginia Department of Revenue and I aren't on speaking terms any more. I'm quite piqued that there are like 54 different filing statues for married people (ok, 3, but still) and that you have to "run the numbers" (a lesser known even in Pamplona) a bunch of different ways to figure out your tax burden. Just send me a bill. But not to prison.
I'm getting better at riding through bollards without having my side pannier clang into one of them. Becoming a real bike handling expert. Might even graduate to unicycle one day. Don't know where I'd put the pannier.
Roads were relatively empty of bicyclists, but lots of pedestrians. None of them were wearing helmets. Don't they know the laws of physics? Or the laws of psychics? (First law of psychics: if you're psychic, you should already know it) Anyway, WashCycle (as always) writes intelligently about helmets.
My route took my west then north then west then northwest and then a little bit southwest. I'm leaving the names of the streets out of it. It's part of my continued push towards abstraction. Soon enough, each post will just consist of a few words "Burlap. Dynamo. Peregrine. Zoot zoot" and then the posts will just be random really close-up pictures of my hands and then the posts will evolve into randomly generated links to google searches undertaken by you, the readers. I don't really have the artistic wherewithal, pretension, or technical aptitude to actually do any of these things. Ok, maybe the pretension.
Probably should've waited and combined this post with the one later. Oh well. If I remember any details, pertinent or otherwise, I'll add them in tonight.

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