Ride In 5/11: South African Ballerinas Wear Desmond Tutus

"Inspirational quote taken out of context"- Famous Person

Who else had a hard time sleeping last night on BikeFest eve? Anybody? I expect tonight to be one of the bikier and festier events of the year. As for me, apparently last night I engaged in some "crazy talking" while asleep, mentioning Romo Lampkin, "Broke" Biden and lawn chairs in the front seat of the car. The Official Wife puts up with a lot.
I decided that I would take the Haul into work today, mostly because it's a nice day and I felt like mixing it up. Also, I really do want to get around to swapping out the pads on my regular bike and not riding it until I do so. I don't normally take this bike to work because it's heavy. Like easily on the other side of 40 pounds. So, it was a bit of struggle this morning, even on the flat and easy parts. I am a weakling.
Crew + Extra Parking? Crew + Extra Parking.
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This eyesore has been there for a couple of weeks. Can't have enough bollards to separate the bike lanes because they'd ruin the view, but neon yellow signs are just fine. Where are the forces of overbearing aesthetic purity when you need them? (If you said France, you're probably right)
I'd rather ride the wrong way through a securitized parking lot than bike on the sidewalk through a tour group. #bikeDCproblems
Do they just give out Maryland drivers licenses to anybody or you have to affirmatively demonstrate that you're terrible at operating a car? "I'm sorry, sir. You signaled before turning. You'll need to retake the exam." It'd be funny if it weren't so terrifying.
A great #fridaycoffeeclub as usual. Even sold a button. I don't know if we're doing one next week on account of Bike to Work Day. I also don't know if that counts as irony. Also, I haven't yet signed up for Bike to Work Day. I also don't know if that counts as irony. [Ok, I stopped blogging and signed up. I'll be at the Reagan building pit stop downtown]
From coffee, it was the usual route up 15th. Fairly quiet, though there will quite a few cyclists heading downtown still. None, I don't know, on CaBis, which I think is a function of a lack of balance in the system. At the more popular stations in Adams Morgan/Columbia Heights, my suspicion is that the docks empty pretty early and if you don't get one at that time, you're probably not getting one. I wonder how many more people would bike in were there more bikes readily available. Conversely, I wonder how many people have switched to using their own bikes ("graduated," so to speak) due to limited reliability of Bikeshare.
I complain about the slog up Mass pretty much every day to pretty much anyone who will listen. I accost people on the street. It's awkward. Anyway, today was especially sloggy and slow. But, nature!
Where's Waldo? (Waldo is the name at the deer)
This picture belies how close the deer actually was. It was close. He probably lives in Rock Creek Park, which makes him a rather snooty deer. Doe's got dough. And yes, I did reassign the gender of the deer from male to female. But just by changing the pronoun- not with surgery or hormones or anything.
Anyway, I'm looking forward to the ride home. I'll see some of you later. Peace out, homeskillets.

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