Ride In 5/21: Clams Casino Royale with Cheese

Rain, wet. Rain enough, but not rain enough to be distracting. Rode through it. It was the kind of rain that could fall in any season. It could've been any day, but it was only today and it was unremarkable. Also, I was a bit distracted with non-specific thoughts about my impending workday and that, along with the rain, dampened some of my enthusiasm for irreverent observation.
Transparent ponchos. That should be a fundraising idea for Transparency International. People seem to like them. I don't get it. Is it that important that the world see that you're weaing boring work clothes, even though it's raining? I could've guessed as much. When I see opaque ponchos, I don't assume underlying nudity.
Few enough people on the roads to actually allow me to try to pedal fast in the Penn street cycle track. I went as fast as the weather and my power and endurance allowed and I didn't slow up at all, even when the old lady in the walker passed me.
Pedestrians sometimes have impeded vision in the rain, due to hoods or non-transparent umbrellas. Be mindful of that.
Rode behind a woman who was wearing a trench coat. I don't know if a trench coat is a good bike jacket. Does anyone have any experience bicycling in one? Perhaps when you bike commute to your detective agency? Today, I wore my radioactive canary yellow jacket and I thought about what kind of jackets must be worn in countries with a lot of rain and a lot of cycling. I'd suspect the smarmy answer would be "the same kind of jacket we would wear if we weren't cycling because we make no concessions to wearing special clothing for cycling because it is just a normal everyday kind of activity for regular people transportation" and that's a fine answer except the only reason I ask is because I'm in the market for a rain jacket, so any advice would be welcome, theoretical Danish person to whom I am typing right now. Another theoretical Danish person? Neils Bohr. I have a wristband with the letters "WKORJWNBW" (What kind of rain jacket would Neils Bohr wear).
The Jamis that lives outside got its rear wheel stolen. Sucks.

My coffee tasted a bit cloying. I might have sugared twice. Nothing marginally tempers my otherwise vast enjoyment of a bike commute worse than somewhat over-sweetened coffee.
Guy on a CaBi passed me on R. It was like three pedals into my starting after a green light. I won't cry foul. I don't think it's technically "shoaling" if it's done post-green light. What's it called when Wu Tang Clan bikes in front of you at a red light? Shaolin-g. Also, highly improbable. Wu Tang are incredibly polite cyclists, I assume.
Goodly number of cyclists heading down Massachusetts in the rain. Goodly for them.
This post is shorter than usual because reading about the now-ish breaking massively dumb DC political scandal has taken up most of my free time. And now, a conference call.

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