Ride In 6/21: Eye Mold

Took Bikeshare. It was really hot out.

I'm taking the day off from blogging (I mean, except for the brilliance that you just read above), but I'd first just like to say thank you to the readers of this blog and those of you who sometimes comment and/or otherwise interact with me and bicycling via means of twitter or in unintermediated reality. Words can scarcely express my fondness for our virtual and nonvirtual conviviality. So, instead here's a blingee of DDOT Director Terry Bellamy on a tricycle on Bike to Work Day.

Don't ask me how long I spent on this. 

No posts until Monday. And as always, watch out for pirate parrots.


  1. Enjoy your time off, but I will miss your awesome posts! It is hot, that is the truth. I meant to thank you for Titan of Trinidad too - I didn't know that existed, and my world is better for it. Katie

  2. @Katie- Thanks so much. ToT is indeed something special.

  3. Wow! The addition of blingee images to this blog has taken it to a whole new level...you'll be a shoe in for sure for next year's commuter blog award.

  4. This is crazy good bling. Thank goodness I saw you today at Friday Coffee Club in lieu of a bike commute post.

  5. I couldn't see the picture at work - I can't tell you how glad I am that I hit "mark as unread" so I remembered to check it out when I got home.