Ride In 7/12: A Portrait of Enver Hoxha as a Young Man

Had to be at work earlier than usual, so I left the house earlier than usual. Roads seemed about the same, except there were more CaBis at Lincoln Park. Apparently, the big rush is between 7:30 and 8. I'd like it if local news started doing Bikeshare segments in addition to their highway traffic reports "Heavy usage in Columbia Heights and Mount Pleasant with a chance of dockblocking downtown. Try the new station at 10th and E, otherwise you could be in for a long walk." I can dream, can't I?

ECap past the Capitol and up Pennsylvania to 15th. The whole stretch seemed emptier than normal. Allegedly, DDOT will be (re)installing bollards at Constitution and Pennsylvania today (or soon?), but they weren't up by the time I rode past. These bollards will be especially useful because the lanes shift a little at that intersection and frequently I've found myself sharing the cycletrack with a less than attentive motorist.

Do you ever bike in sandals? I've done it a few times. Seems to be increasingly common in the summer months. I can understand the allure. I suppose that your feet would be no more dirtied cycling in sandals than walking in them. And if you rode through sprinklers, cleaner!

Fought for space on my side of the 15th street cycle track. I even had to mumble "move over" as I was nearly crashed into by the fifth oncoming cyclist in a row. Don't I look like someone not to be trifled with? Oh, wait. Apparently unassuming, medium height, medium build guys in khakis aren't that intimidating. In any case, I'd really appreciate it if I could just ride north in peace. Maybe when they repave? I should've taken 11th.

"Fuck dude pay attention asswipe" was all of the eloquence I could muster when a young man driver allowed his black Mercedes SUV to drift over a few feet in front of me as he took his hands off the steering wheel to open a bottle of juice. It's not exactly Cicero, but I think it got my point across, not that he heard me. I suppose I should've said "fuck dude don't take your hands off the steering wheel to open juice asswipe," since that would have been a more accurate description of his malfeasance and my objections to it, but I only saw the juice part after my exclamation. I didn't see what kind of juice it was. I didn't want to forget the exact words I said (because for some reason, I felt like this was important), so I mumbled "fuck dude pay attention asswipe" for the rest of my ride. It's not exactly a koan and I didn't achieve enlightenment, though I might have confused/angered some construction workers.

I helicopter hovered over me for a little. I don't think it was filming my ascent for the viewers back home. I don't think I won the stage.

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  1. I saw that climb, I'm pretty sure it got you enough points to move into the lead for the polka dot jersey. Maybe you can wear a polka dot polo with the khakis?