Ride Home 8/29 & Ride In 8/30 & Ride Home 8/30: When Sharrows Met Kirby

These rides, or all but the first half of yesterday's ride home, were the inaugural rides of the new Brompton, photo below:

The first half of yesterday's ride home was on Bikeshare. I left my own bike at work, figuring that I'd take CaBi to BicycleSpace and then ride the Brompton home and then somehow, at some future point, I'd get the CrossCheck home. It's still not home, but more on that a little later.

I rode down Massachusetts, intending to ride on the sidewalk, but forced into the street at my arrival at some construction and then I stuck to the street through Dupont Circle, around to 19th street, which I took to the Bikeshare station at 19th and L for a re-docking. I have no idea how much time actually elapsed between my leaving work and my arriving at 19th and L, but it was certainly under 30 minutes. Nonetheless, better safe than out $1.50.

I rode down L Street afterwards (still no cycle track) to 11th, where I turned left to ride to M. I guess I'm still in the habit of going to the old Bicycle Space location and not the new one. I would've taken the regular route on Q to 11th, but I wasn't sure about the dock-ritunities (not a real word, but an apt concept). Actually, I was sure: there aren't any, at least not without having to go a block out of your way. I know that there are a million issues related to Bikeshare station "siting," but placement along key routes of bike infrastructure would be a nice consideration. I'm sure it is, but it doesn't manifest itself along this particular street. I rode up 11th, turned right on M, road under/through the Convention Center, docked, walked a block and got my bike.

I'm not going to gush too much about it. At least not here. If you'd like to hearing my gushing, you can do it in person, maybe at #fridaycoffeeclub. I just really love the folding bike and I think that if everyone rode folding bikes the perception of cyclists would be so very different. I feel much more like a rolling pedestrian than a menacing cyclist "other." But maybe that's just me.

From BicycleSpace, I took 7th to Mass to 6th to E and then rode through a milled Columbus Circle (new paving tonight! very long awaited! and even bike lanes when they restripe the road!), which was bumpy and then I found myself in a bike cavalcade on the way to Stanton Park and this guy on a CaBi pulled over, sort of, to let me get by, which seemed needlessly deferent. Must be the intimidation factor of my bright blue folding bike.

I saw the Official Wife and Ellie the Poodle at the corner of 15th and A SE. I then tried, and failed miserably, to show off the folding aspect of the folding bike. I couldn't do it. It was bad. It was also very hot. I became very sweaty. I had to carry the bike home. And then I practiced folding it in the living room. And then the dining room since I was blocking the tv. And then Ellie sat too close to where the bike was supposed to fold and we had to shoo her away a little. And I sort of figured it out. And then I rode the bike around the block a few times and then I brought it back home, folded up the back wheel and the front tire went POP and I had a flat. And then I drove the bike back to BicycleSpace and they gave me a new tire and fixed my bike and then I picked up some sandwiches and drove home the bike and sandwiches.

This morning I took the Brompton again and rode to C Street, around Stanton Park and then down Maryland to Constitution Avenue. There's a squeaking noise that I can't explain. It's a new bike and in my experience new bikes make noises and there's no use to get too worked up over them. I should probably figure out what's causing the noise, but I'm feeling less than inquisitive.

Pennsylvania to 11th and the across town on R. And then a very long climb up Massachusetts Avenue. My biggest worry in getting this bike was that it wouldn't be able to handle the longish, uppish slog of my daily commute, but the bike proved mostly fine. It has two speeds, which I like. In a glass half-empty world, that means a speed for a normal and a speed for slow. But in a glass half-full world, that means a speed for normal and a speed for TURBO.

Saw a Biden-cade.

Biden Limo.
I'm guessing he drove out to tell me that my new bike is a BFD.

Got to work, folded up the bike and rolled it right into my office. Here are some folded shots.

I had a brilliant scheme by which I could transport both bikes home. Here's what the scheme looked like.

That's the Brompton on Cross Check's rear rack. I tried to use my cargo net to keep it together, but that wasn't happening. I had another bungee, but luckily, prudence took over and I decided just to ride the Brompton home. I slung my pannier, with its plastic clips, over my shoulder and the plastic affixments dug into my back and it took me more than half of the ride until I realized that I should just turn the pannier around and rest the other side, the side without the clips, on my back. That felt much better.

The gearing on the bike can't quite match the big downhill on Massachusetts past the Observatory. I decided to assume a kind of crouching position, mostly because I thought that'd be funny looking. It might have been.

Mass to Q to 11th to Pennsylvania. Many an annoying shoalster tonight. Not sure what brings it out. Also, have you ever gotten caught in the middle of a CaBi Cat 6? It's like elephants fighting.

Up the hill, down East Capitol and home. First two and a half rides on the new bike have been great. I'm going to ride the hell out of this bike (as one should all bikes) and I'm really excited about it.

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  1. Congratulations! Your Brompton is a beauty! How are you carrying your commuting gear? I ended up getting the C Bag, which is surprisingly roomy.