Ride In 8/21 and No Ride Home 8/21: Des'ree sure is bossy

This will be brief. Ride in and then a social/work event at the end of the day meant it was more convenient to Metro home than bike. I could've biked there, but didn't and now my bike remains at work and I'll get it home tomorrow, perhaps by means of dirigible, but more likely by pedaling. That might mean I'll take Bikeshare in the morn'.

As for this morn', (I say morn' now, because of Irishness or something), it was a great ride, greater by being back to bike commuting after more than the usual days off. Same route as normal, goodly numbers of fellow cyclists out (some fellows, some lasses) and a weather that was fitting an Irish Spring soap commercial, overcast and hygienic.

Zero incidences, only one or two bumper stickers of note (Tester and Kaine. Where are you from?) and other things that I've since forgotten.

Bike commuting in DC is Godzilla-free since forever. So that's good.

Safety gear doesn't make safer bicyclists , even if it might make bicyclists safer. I see many people in bright yellow jackets make many questionable moves. Just like anyone can buy a "fast" bike, anyone can buy a reflective jacket with no guarantee it will prompt any degree of self-reflection as far as safety is concerned. Like GB Shaw shows us, something something statue into a lady something something.

I won't suggest that you learn the publicly accessible restrooms available on your route. You may infer whatever you want. In case of emergencies.

I'm done. I hope to get two posts in tomorrow. Namaste.


  1. Thank you for this Irish post. As the Irish like to say... Namaste.

  2. Love the Irish. Glad you're back. I missed my daily bike blog reading.

    I took some pictures of bikes in Paris just for you. http://ultrarunnergirl.blogspot.com/2012/08/paris-in-august.html
    Though I'm sad to report that I didn't have the chance to ride Velib bikeshare while there.

  3. @MG Exactly. Very Irish. As in "Namaste in this pub and drink a Guiness, and you all can go out in the rain"