Ride In 8/23: Waiter, there's a puma in my soup

Fantastic morning. Here's how I went to work:

East Capitol to Massachusetts, then up 6th Street NE to L. Down L to First NE and then around Dave Thomas Circle, doubling back a half a block to ride up Eckington Place to R Street. I took R across town to 7th Street, rode up to V Street, made a left on V, turned right onto Flordia and then made a hard left onto Vermont to turn left again on V, which I stayed on until Florida again and then it was California to 18th to Adams Mill to Calvert to Woodland Drive NW (did you know there was a Woodland Drive NW?) to Garfield to Massachusetts.

A bit roundabout. I wish there was an mapping app (developers, listen up!) that cumulatively recorded the streets I've traveled on so I could take pleasure, someday, in having covered all of the territory of DC (or Arlington, Alexandra, Fairfax, etc). I suppose I could make my own map and just color in the lines or something, but that doesn't seem as fun. Though I do enjoy coloring.

While the sidewalks are pretty wide at the intersection of First NE, New York Avenue and Florida Avenue, it'd be nice if there was a more direct bike route to get from First, which will soon-ish have a cycle track, to Eckington Place, which currently has bike lanes. This might involve moving that Wendy's.

There is so much multifamily residential construction happening. (Multifamily residential is a snooty way of saying "apartments.") It's really going to change a lot of neighborhoods. Whether for the better or worse, I'll leave you to decide. I'll just be happy when some of the projects end because riding past construction sites is always iffy. Beware of girders.

I wish there were a better way to get from V Street to V Street.

Sorry for all the white space. 

V stands for vinconvient, which is not a real word, but just the word inconvenient with a v tacked to its front. Reading that word and parsing that nonsense explanation  is the literacy equivalent of biking from V Street to V Street.

Tryst seems to be a very popular place in the morning. I didn't stop, but it was tempting.

Woodland Drive NW is probably not home to many woodland creatures, unless those creatures live in mansions. The hill there starts shallower but then climbs much steeper. It's a nice alternative to Cleveland Avenue as there is virtually no car traffic, but there was one lady in a kaftan walking her little, black, ornery old dog, so if you that's not someone with whom you'd like to share the road, be advised. If I have to read another letter to the editor about how the roads were built for kaftans, I'm gonna be really cheesed off.


  1. Brian, you can kind of map all the routes you've taken but it's not as direct a method.

    Download the Strava app on your phone, create a Strava account, and use it to record your rides using your phone GPS (or a cyclometer if you have one). Then use Jonathan O'Keeffe's Multiple Ride Mapper to map up to 100 of your rides on the same map.

    I wrote a little blog post about it because I wanted to do the same thing - geeky fun. http://crystalbae.com/2012/07/11/strava-multiple-ride-mapper/

    1. I guess I should add that you need a smartphone, with GPS enabled.

  2. Here's one!

    It's called BlankWays. Too bad it is vaporware at the moment :(

  3. I'm impressed. Woodland Drive is a significant hill.
    Tryst and Open City (same company) have coffee that rivals M.E.Swings, FWIW.

  4. Brian, you can use the Endomondo app to record your rides and then export the routes to .gpx files from the website.

    Also, the V-to-V thing frustrates me pretty frequently. DDOT is about to undertake a streetscaping project along Florida Ave -- in fact I think there's an ANC meeting about it next Monday -- that will make some improvements to other streets, but, alas, will not be demolishing the gas station that makes it impossible to directly connect between the two side. Though I have been seen cutting through the gas station lot before.