Ride Home 10/11: Quiche Meltdown

I lost my button.
Button not pictured. 
I don't know if I was the victim of thievery or whether it just fell off my bag. Either way, I had backups.

Bag o buttons, hand. 
What's the point of even riding a bicycle if it's not too display a button? Might as well just drive at that point.

Seat-related discomfort is the worst kind of discomfort. I'll just leave it at that. 

Sometimes I play the game "spot the commuter asshole," but it's just too easy. I'm gonna need to up the degree of difficulty. Maybe try to play it a nunnery or something. I don't restrict it to drivers, but there seem to be a lot more of them than asshole cyclists, mostly because there are just more drivers in aggregate. Also, lots of asshole pedestrians. What's the deal with begin to jaywalk, clearly seeing that I'm coming, and then continuing to cross the street even though they know that they're going to cut me off? What is that? Why? I swear I'm not invisible. I swear. 

Mass and 19th, which was suspiciously empty and then Pennsylvania Avenue, which was also empty. Or maybe I just didn't see them and I'm the asshole. FLIP THE SCRIPT. 

If it's true that to whom much is given much is expected, then what can we expect from whom little is given? Just an idea for transportation planners to ponder. 

Gosh, this point seems whiney. Sorry. Here's an apology poodle. 

Penn, up the hill and then down East Capitol. I rode behind an older woman on a CaBi and she was in a navy blue suit made of a material that seemed somewhere in between velour and gingham. She broke traffic laws. I don't know what any of these details mean. My suspicion: absolutely nothing. 

If you time it correctly, you can make a right turn on red relatively safely between the the green light on 11th and the green light on Massachusetts. This allows you to get around the corner and make the left past the park without being squeezed by the drivers also coming from East Capitol. 

I stopped at the grocery store and picked up some __________ (plural noun) and then I _____ (verb, past tense) home and cooked a(n) ________ (adjective) dinner. Thus concludes Mad Libs from the Sharrows. 


  1. I stopped at the grocery store and picked up some _organic broccoli_ (plural noun) and then I _toodled (not to be confused with poodled)____ (verb, past tense) home and cooked a(n) _non-lethal and mostly tasty_ (adjective) dinner.

  2. Thank goodness you included the apology poodle. Whew.
    I agree on the pedestrians. Sometimes when that happens I pretend to be looking anywhere but where I'm going. Don't get too comfortable, jaywalkers! I respect your right to jaywalk, but only if you accept the responsibility to break into a jog to hurry out of the way.