Ride Home 10/9: Swedish Table

Massachusetts through Dupont and then Massachusetts again, this time to Thomas Circle and around that circle most of the way to M Street, where I rode behind a car that exhbited the three most dangerous words you could ever see on a DC street: BMW of Fairfax. I rode to 7th and then stopped in BicycleSpace to buy some new brake pads, which I did and they cost 14 cents more than the $20 commuter check I had.

7th to K Street to 6th to E Street and then around Columbus Circle and Massachusetts once more and around the last two parks before making my final leftish turn and riding the last few blocks home.

I endorse Matt Connolly for ANC 2F05. (I happen to know Matt from college. I didn't know he was an ANC commissioner until I saw one of his campaign signs on my ride today.) If you're an ANC candidate and you're interested in earning the coveted (?) TFTS endorsement, please either make an effort to invent a time machine to use to meet me when I attended college or feel free to send me an email that includes your policy proposals on active transportation, conveying those policies in limerick form. I plan on making other ANC endorsements as we get closer to the election, so don't tarry on your limericks!

The eastbound bike lane on Columbus Circle works. I think this is because the streets hat empty into this side of Columbus Circle are mostly not even streets, but glorified parking lots for congressional folks. So, bad urban policy makes for better biking. Yay?

I'm going to try to change my brake pads now. You may pre-LOL at how ineptly I will do this.


  1. Jay commutes to work each day by bike
    It's an activity he very much like(s)
    If elected commish
    He'll most surely dish
    On issues like commuter tax hike(s)!

    (vote Jay Williams ANC 6A05)

  2. Can't wait to hear all about the brake pads. Kudos for giving it a shot!