Ride In 10/17: Oblates in the Outfield

So, I finally bought a Chrome messenger bag. I might have well have put down a security deposit for an apartment in Williamsburg. I have fully atrophied into urban bikist cliche. That said, I sort of love it. Even the "seatbelt" bit, which is silly and fantastic.

We can talk about paint and signs and all sorts of other road features that can be used to deter drivers from making illegal turns, but sometimes it just comes down to yelling. I hate that that it's true but it's true. I had to yell at a guy today who managed to "miss" the no left turn sign, "miss" the bike lane markings in the road, "miss" the arrow on the ground that indicated that you should drive straight, and "miss" seeing me in his sideview and rearview mirror. And, luckily, in spite of "missing" all those things he missed me, due to a timely "HEY." I do believe that these were all honest mistakes and that there was no malice and since he didn't continue with his illegal turn after I rode by, I think he was just a guy who wasn't paying very close attention, which is a thing that happens sometimes. But the extent to which it's understandable or forgivable- well, I don't know. I guess it depends how forgiving you are.

I rode 11th to R. It was perfectly brisk weather this morning and I felt good on the bike. I've bit in a bit of funk lately and this ride was the first one in a week where I really felt like I was having unburdened fun, as opposed to burdened fun, like backpacking or something.

Coordinate events for WABA! I'd apply but the description says they're looking for an "experienced professional" and not a "rank amateur." I can barely coordinate my socks.

The Bike Rack once again set out free coffee and I availed myself of it, as did many other bike commuters, including Friday Coffee Club regulars Ted and Jon. Throughout the course of drinking coffee, I was complimented on my bike, complimented on my Road Holland shirt and I was recognized by a former student. It was quite a coffee stop. I always watched the flood of people on bikes on the way downtown.So many people. And so many of them just rode past the coffee, like they couldn't be bothered! I put up with a lot of shit from my fellow bike commuters, but riding past free coffee? This is the biggest #bikefoul of all.

This coffee was free for bike commuters.
After coffee, I walked the bike back to R, through the construction zone on the sidewalk and past the sidewalk closed sign, and then headed west Horace Greeley style. I probably didn't go west enough.

Does seeing green have drivers seeing red? Writing that sentence that was my unbidden audition to be a local transportation reporter. And to answer my question, no, not really. I'm pretty sure drivers are fine with it, but what do I know.

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