Ride In 10/2: Belgian Tripel Option

It rained. Still a good ride though. Maybe even better because of the rain. My clothes stayed dry with the assist of a plastic grocery bag that served as a buffer between them and the flap on my canvas messenger bag, which is not, in fact, waterproof. Or water resistant. Waterlogged, more likely. It's probably still wet. I might need a different bag, one that's a bit less hydroscopic.

The rain was steady and sometimes heavy, but it didn't prove to be unbearably unbearable (I'm a real good writer), thanks in part to the fact that it remains the GLORY DAYS of early fall and the temperature hasn't yet gone Norse on us. (Oh yeah, I'm trying to make "going Norse" a phrase that seeps into our popular weather lexicon. Tell your friends.)

I wasn't going to follow traffic laws but then I read something on the internet about how bicyclists should and now I do.

East Capitol ---> Pennsylvania Avenue ---> 15th Street. There were other bicyclists about, but not too many. But there's always some and that's nice. Riding in the rain isn't so bad really. It's like an extended outdoor bath with your bike and that totally sounds like a thing that isn't crazy in any way.

I rode up Massachusetts behind a woman in purple shorts. She rode a yellow Schwinn. We didn't talk until the intersection at Wisconsin when she asked if she was blocking me from turning, which she wasn't and I told her as much. I thought she might have been riding the same place I was, but she turned at Ward Circle and continued on and that's where I stopped.

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