Ride In 10/3: Candy Floss

Bike commuting woo.

So, I've been thinking about Foosball and the its lack of tactical developments over the years and I think that you could sell a ton more Foosball tables, revitalize the whole game even, if players were allowed to make adjustments to their lineups, which heretofore have been quite rigid. Maybe you want fewer midfielders and want more strikers up front. Maybe you want to pack it in Mourinho-style or conversely, maybe you want to play tika taka Foosball for some reason. In any event, with the exception of the goalkeeper, I think that the Foosball players should be movable and the game would be vastly improved and no longer so stultifying. Maybe I should've taken this idea directly to Big Foosball instead of just putting it out there for free, but, in my opinion, advancing the game is much more important that pecuniary reward. This is related to bike commuting because I thought of this genius idea when I was riding on East Capitol and then while I rode down the Mall and even to the point where I turned on 23rd street. It sort of consumed me.

October is American Pharmacists Month. Screw you, non-American Pharmacists. USA! USA!

Yarnbombers of the world! Can you do a thing (a yarnbombing) in which you cover Jersey barriers in jersey fabric? I think it'll just make our security state look that much cozier.

I walked with the Official Wife up 23rd to H NW and she got on the Metro and I rode over to Virginia Avenue and towards K Street and Water Street. I saw this sign along the way:

USPP = US Park Police
They really do, don't they?

I needed air in my tires, so I used this air pump.

Who's the real airtool?

40 is not enough PSI. Though 100 PSI hardly proved enough to make my ride up Wisconsin Avenue seem any easier. Sometimes I just don't have enough legs.

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