Ride Home 11/27: Goldenrod

Another edition in "Everything you didn't want to know about my bike commute, but were afraid to ask." I have holes on the index fingers on my thin gloves, both on the left and right hands, that have developed in the same exact place. They holes have developed at the spot where my index fingers rub against the brake levers when I'm riding with my hands on the hoods. Holey gloves aren't great, but I plan to keep wearing them until they completely unravel or it gets cold enough to switch to heavier gloves. I do not know if I can write this off this wear and tear on my taxes. (I can't)

Massachusetts to 23rd to L. I rarely ever make it down 23rd without at some point switching over to ride on the sidewalk. I might abandon 23rd as a route when the New Hampshire Avenue construction ends and bike lanes are there installed. So, March 2014. Stay tuned! I'm sure we're all very much looking forward to my complaining about it for the next 16 months!

I was so close to a "perfect game" when riding on L. No one was parked in the lane and it was 100% on mixing zones almost the entire way, but then at 13th, with only one block to go, I saw my first driver make a left from the center lane. One of these days, I'll make the 10 blocks without seeing any shenanigans, but it hasn't happened yet. Nonetheless, it's gotten way better than the first couple of weeks (especially with the turns) and I encourage you to ride it if you haven't yet. So, just as the second Death Stay wasn't fully completed but still had a fully armed and operational superlaser, so the L Street cycle track lacks some elements (bike boxes, mostly) but is totally usable, and to my mind, pretty darn safe. The one part that I find a little sketchy is having to squeeze between the turning left cars and the going straight cars at intersections. There's definitely not three feet on either side, so go slow. Or go fast while tilting your head back and screaming "FREEDOM!" while wearing blue face paint because that might also do the trick or at least clear the way a bit.

One more thing about L Street: I'd like to thank the pedestrians for making it work. Almost all of them wait on the curb rather than standing in the bike lane and that's immensely appreciated and it really makes a big difference.

L to 11th, parts of which have been repaved, and then in a fit of forgetfulness/cheekiness, I took myself left onto Pennsylvania Avenue and its currently unstriped cycle track. WARNING: This was sort of dumb and you shouldn't do it. The bike lanes will be back in a couple of weeks.

It reminded me of a bowling alley. I rode right down the middle, keeping as much lateral distance between the cars and me as possible.

See? They'll be back soon.
Don't worry- the lack of bike lanes didn't prevent a taxi driver from making a u-turn.

I followed another cyclist up Capitol Hill and down East Capitol and I might have been too much to his rear wheel and I apologize if it seemed like I was lurking.

This is hazardous.

There's a bike lane under those leaves

I think I should bring a rake with me on every ride. Were I to start a raking service, it'd be called "Rakes with Rakes." There are certainly enough men with mustaches about to staff it. At least until the weekend.

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