No Ride In 1/25: The Day The Nerf Stood Still

*Caveat- I did ride from the Tenleytown metro to campus, but I'm not going to count that as blogworthy. I have standards, you know. Very, very low standards.

Those of you who follow me on the tweet box might know that last night we have issues with our boiler and our radiators. The primary issue was that the boiler stopped working and heat stopped emanating from our radiators. This was a problem and a problem that many of you weighed in on with helpful tips and friendly advice. This was greatly appreciated. At a certain point last night, I decided to give up and retire to the bedroom, where I built a snow cave and covered myself, the Official Wife and EtP and *tP with animal pelts and bearskin rugs and such and we hunkered for the evening. In the morning, through serendipitous good fortune, or maybe just because of how the boiler is supposed to work, the pilot light reset and once again, faint heat pushed forth and all was well. However, I was thoroughly done with being cold and decided that a bicycle trip would be not treat. Sometimes you just have to know when you're licked and I was licked. I took the train to work and it was fine. I got a seat and I listened to podcasts. It wasn't very crowded. It took longer than it would have had I just biked. It cost $3.60.

It's snowing now and I'm trying to decide whether to take CaBi all of the home, part of the home or none of the way home. I think I'll ride the bike about halfway and then switch to Metro. But you'll have to come back for the next post to see what I did. Or, conversely, we can make this a Choose My Own Adventure and if you want me to take Bikeshare all of the way home, flip ahead to page 74. If you'd like me to skip Bikeshare and just ride the train, go to page 32.

Pg. 74- The blogger rides Bikeshare and is eaten by an alligator.

Pg. 32- The blogger rides the train and isn't eaten by an alligator. That is, until he gets off the train when an alligator strikes. Stupid alligators. Why are there so many loose alligators anyway? That makes no sense.

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