Ride Home 1/17: The Real Poodles of Mogadishu

Left work late. It was a long day. There was no snow. I was glad. Plenty of salt. Now I know what a margarita glass feels like.

What's the meanest thing you've ever yelled at someone on your bike commute? I mean, I'm always super nice and have never said anything regretful or terrible or suggesting that anyone copulates with any kind of relation or farm animal, but I imagine that some people, who have less self control or who have faced far worse driver interactions or valiantly serve in the Navy while suffering from Tourettes, might have dipped into more colorful language than I have. If you're like me, you're probably not proud of it. I really don't like losing my cool and I really don't like that losing my cool sometimes results in an effluvium of horrific cursing/barnyard animal references and one of my resolutions for the new year has been to try to not do this and thus far I've been relatively successful. So, good for me. The Stoics would have been good bike commuters, probably.

Mass to 21st to L. Nice night on L. Lots of bicyclists. Lots of car traffic before Connecticut but almost none after it. There's some construction in the right lane at the intersection there and that's blocking the right travel lane. So, I'm thinking since it's slowing down car traffic, it's time to outlaw construction. Also, pedestrians, turning cars, cars driving below the speed limit, parallel parking, delivery trucks, speed bumps, stop signs, and red lights. And then, maybe just then, the drive from Georgetown to Penn Quarter will finally be better. So long as there's a parking spot. And it's free. I love city living.

Pennsylvania Avenue was wonderfully pleasant, as was the other side of Pennsylvania Avenue after the Capitol. I stopped at Good Stuff eatery and bought some cheeseburgers and then biked those cheeseburgers home, following Pennsylvania to 8th to South Carolina and then 15th and A.

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  1. Great seeing you at #fridaycoffeeclub.

    I went on a lunch run today and spied the new Dunkin Donuts! And a Dunkin Donuts truck parked in the L St bike lane! That is not going to please many of their potential or actual bike customers.

    I usually resist the farm animal references, and generally I have no problems on my commute. But when I do, I just hate having any kind of confrontation regardless of how civil it is.