Ride Home 3/14: Saul and Pepper

The light is different. You don't exactly need to be Caravaggio to notice it. I felt like I was leaving work at 2, but it was 5. We should change the clocks every week, mostly so we can comment on the sunlight. It would be whimsical and annoying. It would be styled Magical Chronologism and Zombie Borges would take to bike commuting just so he could write about it.

On L Street, I rode behind a man who wore burgundy and gold camouflage parachute pants. That's everything I would ever want in a cycle track fellow traveler. I salute you.

I turned right at 15th and followed that past the White House. The tourists, they are here. Perhaps America can balance its trade deficit by exporting pedestrian obliviousness. We could important proper bike infrastructure or Gouda or any other fine cheese, really.

There was a Metro Access van parked between the bollards in the cycle track next to Treasury. How did he even get the van in there? There didn't seem to be an obvious gap. That must take a bit of work. I think that if I ran Metro, I'd also run a service called Metro Snack-cess and then at least when its drivers parked in the bike lane, cyclists could stop for some corn chips or snack cakes. Or Gouda or any other fine cheese, really.

At the bottom of the hill in front of the Capitol, I saw a group of middle schoolers in matching windbreakers and at the top of the hill, I saw a group of doctors wearing lab coats. What a difference a hill makes.

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