Ride In 3/22: April Apoplexy

First first bike commute back from vacation can go one of two ways: it can be great thanks to your refreshing and revitalizing break, or it can be the way that mine was this morning, which is the opposite of that. I was cold and tired and maybe even dehydrated, like dried fruit that you put in the freezer. Frozen Mango Slice from the Sharrows.

You know that one morning we had this winter when it was in low 30s and there was a 15 mile per hour wind? That one morning that was every single morning since late November? Yeah, I'm tired of that morning. That morning is on repeat. That morning is on repeat. We should get a new morning. Spring has not yet sprung. I'm not even sure it's lurking.

Bicycling must be different for the wispy among us. I envy your wispiness.

East Capitol to Pennsylvania to 15th and then across past the White House (early for a group picture, but the fourth graders in the red t shirts over the mismash of long-sleeved shirts and sweaters and jackets and their too many chaperons seemed to have that on their agenda for that time) to Swing's for a brief to for coffee and a momentarty klatsch, wherein I looked (based on the looks of those I saw) unhappy and cold and moderately embittered, but such is my visage before my morning coffee and I rebounded reasonably well, so I assure those of you who saw me. It was nice seeing you all and sorry I had to leave so soon after arriving.

I considered taking the bus from Farragut Square. I did not do that.

Pennsylvania through a bunch of red lights (sorry) and then through Georgetown on M to Wisconsin Avenue, home of the traffic of DOOM which is always the worst except for when it's just fine. I think some of the traffic might have to do with the red lights, those beacons that have the temerity to suggest to some people that they shouldn't go that other people might have the opportunity to go. You don't have to be a member of the Tea Party to see that this is unwarranted government regulation run amok. That's picking winners and it's wrong. We should just let the free market decide who crashes into whom. It would be great for the automotive repair, healthcare and funeral services sectors of the economy. I'm almost surprised that a Virginia legislator hasn't proposed this.

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