Ride In 3/28: Trends

Remember that time that bike broke down and it caused a three mile traffic jam? That was the worst.

I took a slightly different route to work today from the one I took home from work yesterday and between the hill, the stop lights and the pace of the cyclists sometimes in front of me in bike lanes, it took me 15 minutes longer to get to work than it did to get home from it. There also might have been a slight difference in my overall effort, since I tend to have more giddy up (technical term) heading in one direction rather than the other. For the ride in, my average speed was 11.2 miles per hour. #data #strava #whocares

I don't think I'm surprised anymore by the number of times I say "please stop" to my fellow travelers during one of my commutes. Whether it's beseeching a turning drive to decline to strike me or intimating to an oncoming cyclist that the light has well turned red and she's about to cross the path of a revved sedan, "please stop" is my new catchphrase. It's not nearly as catchy as "where's the beef?" but you have to work within your comfort zone and querying drivers about the location of their meat would be nonsensical in most cases. Politely suggesting that others heed is definitely within my comfort zone. Mumbling it ensconces it even further there. Oddly enough, it seems to have little effect.

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  1. I have taken to saying, "Do you see me?" but not loud enough for any drivers (particularly those turning into my path) to hear, but so far it seems to have stopped them all from crashing into me....so far.