What does the DDOT 2013 Parking Action Agenda say about bikes?

Um, not much. But it's really about car parking, so that's not unexpected. In Section 3.8 Other ongoing activities, there's the following:
Bicycle parking and motor-driven cycle parking. DDOT will continue to seek opportunities to provide bicycle parking, sometimes in curb lanes, as well as provide parking for motor-driven cycles (or scooters) to provide safe locking areas that do not conflict with pedestrian areas.
My take: That's nice. I like the part about curb lanes, which I think means more on-street bike corrals (trading one car parking space for 8 or 10 bike parking spaces), and keeping bike parking off of sidewalks because sidewalks are for sidewalking or regular walking, whichever you prefer. Continue to seek opportunities, DDOT! 

There's also this:
Since 2003, some of the context for parking has shifted, and the continuing growth and demographic trends shape DDOT’s response to parking issues into the future. In particular [amongsother bullet points]:
  • District residents continue to walk and bike in greater numbers. Capital Bikeshare has more than 20,000 members and more than 3 million rides in a little more than 2 years of operation
So, yeah, more people walking and biking has shift the parking context, which is absolutely true. Expect to hear more this summer

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