Arlington FUN ride on 10/5!

Let's say that you're the kind of person who likes riding bikes and also the kind of person who likes fun and also the kind of person who lives in or near Arlington, Virginia. Let's also say that you're free this Saturday and let's also posit that you like sandwiches, even though nothing I'm about to post below has anything to do with sandwiches, but frankly, I'd feel a lot better knowing that you enjoy sandwiches because if you are the kind of person who isn't, well, I just don't know about you. It doesn't have to be any kind of sandwich in particular that you have to like and it could even be a wrap or some kind of sandwich where lettuce acts as the bread- again, not important to anything related the Arlington Fun Ride, but it's important to me personally and I'd like to think that you'd care about that, having taken the time to visit this blog and all.

The Arlington Fun Ride is a scenic, family-friendly 17 mile ride taking you on the paved multi-use trails that make up the Arlington Loop. 

There's also a Family Ride (which an emphasis on biking with kids)which is shorter and not longer. To the best of my knowledge, there not an All in the Family Ride with an emphasis with biking with Meathead. 

You can register to ride here. You can register to volunteer here

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