UPDATE: I will be riding a different bicycle to work and this is no way justifies the all caps UPDATE

I will be commuting exclusively this "winter" on my two-speed, arctic blue Brompton folding bicycle. I'm doing this for reasons, the primary of which is my inability to store my Surly securely in our temporary abode. Currently, my Surly is on my office and it will remain here for the next few months. I guess it found out about its impending languor and it rewarded me accordingly.
It's flat.

Seriously. Some time between my arriving at work and 5 minutes ago, the tube committed seppuku. Given the intimate bonds between bicycle and rider, it's hard not to ascribe a personality to your bike. My bike's personality is spiteful. Screw you too, buddy. (Love you.)

What will my 8 mile uphill daily winter bicycle commute be like on a bicycle relatively unsuited to it? I'm not totally sure. Fun, maybe? Slow? Almost definitely. Transcendent? Unlikely, but perhaps. Other adjectives? Possibly. So, that's pretty much my news.

Oh, and here are some pictures of the M Street Cycletrack installation, such as it is so far.

The part of the cycletrack that isn't. Like, when a door's not a door. (After Jim Morrison died? I never got that joke.)

The separated part at Rhode Island Avenue. Apparently, DDOT has recently learned of "curb" technology. The future is now!

Oh, and one more thing. (This post has more Ohs than the Japanese baseball record books). On occasion, I might write a blog post about the non-bikey aspects of my life and if you care to read those (and really, are you sure?), you can find them at unsharrows.tumblr.com.

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