Below, a hodgepodge:

  • Do you have a Bikeshare key and also hold the opinion that there simply aren't enough hand-crafted leather goods in your life? Well, aren't you lucky that you can now buy one of these great leather Bikeshare fob holders. You should email Matt at mlsteenhoek@gmail.com if you're interested. Combine your commitment to bikesharing with your commitment to leather goods with your commitment to supporting local producers with your commitment to buying (for now) few-of-kind accessories with your commitment to preserving this somewhat easily breakable plastic stick. I'm on fob #5, having broken the 4 others (including a prized black key) and prior to buying this, was keeping my key in my wallet and it was interfering with all of the no money that's in there. This thing is super cool. I bought mine for $35, which is half the cost of a yearly Bikeshare membership, but also the cost of the one and half weeks of Metro commutes, so you can make up your own mind if that's a good deal or not.

  • Do you like biking and also hold the opinion that giving some cash, some time or some positive word of mouth to a new nonprofit community used bicycle program is a worthwhile use of your cash, time and/or mouth? Well, aren't you lucky that you're now reading about Gearin' Up, a new nonprofit community used bicycle program based in NE DC. Here's their funding page. I think it's a neat project and one that really helps close the gap between the bike services that we need and the bike services we currently have.

  • Do you like WABA and also hold opinions about dance parties, biking to work on a day, and trail ranger-er-ing? Well, aren't you lucky that you clicked through on some or all of those links. Now, here's the thing about the summer trail ranger program that a lot of people don't know. You get Trail Ranger immunity, which is like diplomatic immunity but better. Not only are you immune to criminal prosecution, but you also develop physical invulnerability to poison ivy, mosquito bites and sunburn. Or at least I hope that those things are true because those powers would be super useful for a job like that. But even if such a thing as Trail Ranger immunity does not technically exist, it's still an amazing opportunity to help the #bikeDC community (which really, really, really relies on the rangers) and also to get paid for riding your bike around DC in the summer.

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