Ride Home 6/16 and Ride In 6/17: I watched soccer instead of writing this last night

A pretty unremarkable ride home. It was evening! It was summer! Some parts were good! Other parts were less good! [Been back in the bike commute blogging business for a few days and this is pretty much all I've got. Yikes]

This morning I noticed that for the first time that I felt pretty comfortable on the new bike. I think that this might have something to do with the latest adjustment to the seat I had made and then my subsequent decision not to adjust it again. Maybe I finally dialed it in perfectly or maybe I just needed to just stop adjusting it every 10 minutes to allow myself to get habituated. Either way, good for me. I think I'm going to make some minor fun changes to the bike, so watch this space if you care about that for some reason. In any case, impending minor fun changes or not, I'm really happy with the Ogre as a commuter bike and I look forward to it in the fall and winter when maybe it will be ever more practical (more like "practical").

For the second morning in a row, I saw Ted by the White House. Hi Ted! This morning we said hi to each other as we waited for pedestrians to cross 15th and the occasion was also marked by a guy on a bike riding through the crosswalk and cutting off another cyclist coming from the other direction. I believe she called him an idiot. Fun times!

Do you have deep wells of hatred in your heart over the minor annoyances caused to (or maybe just around) you by people who run or bicycle? You have some options. You could leave a comment on this remarkably dumb story or you could simply get over it, realizing that you shouldn't indulge the pettiest of your petty pet peeves. (Or you could start your own blog.)

I rode M Street and then took an illegal detour through the then-not-open-but-now-fully-operational stretch of two-way New Hampshire Avenue and then rode up Pennsylvania Avenue from Washington Circle to 24th Street and then rejoined the M Street Cycletrack and rode it until its end in Georgtown. There I stopped at the bank to deposit a $16.41 check I received as part of a class action lawsuit against the makers of frozen potato product and after that I continued along M to Wisconsin and then up the hill to Volta, which is my preferred westbound street into Georgetown. Volta to 35th, where I sat in some sweet, sweet car traffic, and up to R and then somehow T and then somehow 37th, where there's another hill. Sometimes on that hill, when there's a gap between parked cars, as a courtesy I'll move over and let a car driver pass me. I'm in no particular rush and sometimes it's nice to be nice, especially when there's sufficient room to abide it. I don't think the drivers necessarily expect it, but there are some cases where I'd rather make room to allow them to pass me than either have them tailgate or try to pass when there's not sufficient room.

Slow ride up New Mexico Avenue, but the trees block much of the sun. Take that, sun!

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