Rides 6/26: Rides 6/26: Rides 6/26

I did ride to and from work today, but I worked from home for a few hours in the morning and then rode to a place near my work to watch sport and then rode to work from there. From work, I rode to a bike shop and then to a grocery store, but not the grocery store I normally go to, and then from there, home.

Some thoughts:

1. Maybe not the best day to ride in jeans. Or flip-flops. Hot. Slow. Got hotter. Went slower. Wisconsin Avenue was interminable.

2. My plan to ride to a place near work to watch the game wasn't a bad plan, as it took my clear across the city on Soccer Match Game Day and I can report back to you that Districtians (and those who come from the surroundings into the District for work and/or pleasure) were a very patriotic bunch of soccer supporters. There were reds. There were whites. There were blues. Stars, they were spangled. I saw a woman with an American flag-inspired pashmina and her golden retriever was wearing an American-flag inspired bandanna. It was like Ralph Lauren vandalized the Humane Society. There were a lot of proper #USMNT jerseys too and other non-jersery shirts that evoked #USMNT jerseys. Some of these shirts might even have been made from jersey. Some of the people might have even been from Jersey. Anyway, DC is soccer mad and you kinda tell.

3. Is there a more silly thing than finally deciding to pass the guy riding in front of you and then getting stuck behind a turning armored car and then he passes you back and then you don't want to pass him again because if the universe put a turning armored car in front of you to make sure for some reason this guy stays in front of you, then that's pretty much nothing to mess with? Or am I maybe just reading too much into this?

4. On the way home, I saw a black BMW with the license plate LUV GOD. Funny. I would've guessed mammon.

5. First Street NE seems like a bad place to drive a car.

6. Columbus Circle seems like a bad place to drive a car.

7. Massachusetts Avenue until Stanton Park seems like a bad place to drive a car.

8. I biked home some burrata without spilling any of the precious burrata liquid. Sure, there plastic wrapping below the plastic lid, but you never know. I've spilled cheese liquids far too many times to take anything for granted.

That's pretty much all I've got. Have a great weekend after having another weekday! Or start your weekend early. In either case, enjoy biking and contained cheese liquids and patriotic dogs.

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