Rides 8/13: Frizzante

Leaving work I saw a van for Aquaman Pool Service. You'd think Aquaman would have better things to do with his time than clean pools. I guess undersea crime isn't what it used to be. You'd think it'd be more prevalent with all of the sunken treasure, but the allure of guarding Spanish gold from Bob Ballard all day must pale in comparison to ensuring the indoor pools of Bethesda have proper pH balance. Or something. 

Such a warm gauzy sun this morning. The rays felt like hay, whatever that means. I took a picture of the Lincoln Memorial, which glistened. "Who left the cap off my f&$king Glisten?" Almost made it into the Second Inaugural. I don't always love Federalia (the section of the city that people who live here think of as the whole city), but sometimes its artificial monumentality makes for pretty enough views. 

Saw a hipster uniformed Park Ranger riding his fixie to work. Saw a car with a Maryland plate and a McDonnel for Governor sticker. Saw a tourist family that I thought was Danish. 

I got lost in Burleith looking for a back way that I knew didn't exist into residential Glover Park. I watched people walk down the street to wait for the bus. You could probably make good money selling breakfast burritos to those would-be bus passengers. Buses are infrequent enough and who doesn't love a breakfast burrito? No better audience for quick-eating breakfast foods. Would they buy waffles? I'm undecided. 

On the way home, the driver in front me let out an anguished scream when another driver changed lanes and she had to slow down a little. It reminded me of Charlie Brown's anguished scream. Good grief. I heard it because I was close by and her window was open. I wonder how many anguished screams I don't hear when windows are closed. Lots of things you don't hear when you're not listening, either. 

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