Rides 8/22: Sconces

It's not that nothing interesting (or interesting enough for what constitutes interesting for the purposes of DC's 37th most popular bike commute blog) happened on the rides in and home today, but if it did, I don't exactly recall it enough to retell it. That's hardly the fault of the uninteresting stuff, is it? I mean, unless it truly was a pair if nothingburger rides, which they might have been, though my lack of exact recollection if then makes rendering this judgment hard. Did something happen with a bus? I guess. Were bike lanes in some kind of condition that could be remarked upon for some reason? Highly likely. I bet I saw a thing. Almost definitely. Conclusionarily (should be a word), all of the things that happened definitely occurred and that's something for sure, I suppose. 

I did see a bike with a bent back wheel. The bike was locked to a sign post at Massachuseets and Q. Wheel was bent 90 degrees. I kinda think that the wheel got that way after it was locked to the sign and not before and I can't imagine what the rider if that bike might think if he locked it up with an unbent wheel and would return to it in such a terrible condition. There are, they say, five stages of grief and I suppose you'd have a long enough bus ride home to get through a few of them. Or worse, maybe you'd just ride the bike with a bent wheel in sad, sad circles during Denial. Maybe Anger would give you the rage strength to smash the wheel back into true. Bargaining would be useful if you put the bike up for sale on Craigslist. And, of course, nothing says Depression like sitting on a crowded bus during rush hour. And then, the last one, whatever that is. 

I stopped to pick up pizza on the way home and that's why I carry a cargo net with me. Lots of good ways to carry pizza on a bike, but most of those good ways involve me dropping the pizza and crying hysterically, but the net seems to work, so get a net. Or get The Net on DVD. You could watch it while you eat your pizza out of the pizza box you ran over when you dropped it because you didn't have a net to use to being your pizza home. Other good uses for a net: 

1. Catching fish 
2. Catching criminals 
3. To keep stray hairs from finding their way into pizzas that you might make
4. To properly secure your 90s Sandra Bullock DVD movie collection. 

But really, use for transporting pizza home is probably the best, because pizza. 

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