Rides 9/16: Mystery Machine

Gonna make this short as I'm currently battling allergies/a cold and I'll need to give my undivided attention to not feeling well. I'd hate to get distracted from self-pity. (Wait, is that a reference to being sick or bike commute blogging? Um.) 

- If I ever had doubts about the Ogre, which I never did, I still don't. Every plodding commute is a joy. It's brilliant.

- not to #slatepitch, but I kind of love CityCenter. I love how it looks. I love how preposterous and luxe it wants to be. I love how it doesn't exactly fit in with its surroundings. It just makes me smile. (Have I mentioned I've taken some cold medicine?) Anyway, there are a lot of worse things you could do with Qatari money. 

- saw a bicycle cop Cat 6 the crap out of some commuters on M. He crushed it. 

- still car traffic in Glover Park in the morning, even after they restored the three lanes each way. I think it's time to admit the re-re-configuration has failed before it starts hurting the local businesses who demanded it. I'll wait patiently for neighborhood curmudgeons to complain, much as they did when the two-lane conversion "failed." Waiting patiently [checks watch]. 

- saw a guy with bike shoes on, but brown flip flops tucked into his belt at the back of his pants. Bro so hard. Also saw a pedicabber swerve at some Segway riders on Pennsylvania while screaming "THIS ISN'T A SEGWAY LANE." I think he was joking, but I'm not totally sure. I don't know how fraught the relationship between these groups are. We could have a Jets-Sharks thing going on and I'd hate for the peace and quiet and open air to be marred by awkward rolling rumbles. 

- on the way home, I saw three people I know. Tried to go for a roll-by high five with one, but it didn't work. The world just isn't ready for it. 

- Kids on bikes everywhere. Just everywhere. Hard not to blame the Kidical Mass movement. Thanks for ruining biking for us hardcore avid cyclists. Thanks a lot. More longtails than a brontosaurus convention. ["boooooo!," says the imaginary crowd in my head that hates lame dinosaur jokes.] Apropos of this and of other things, it's worth remembering that before you were an experienced cyclist, you were an inexperienced one. Be kind. 

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