Rides 10/14: Let the Raccoons Run Wild

First Tuesday of the week, but the last one too. I found myself riding the same route as yesterday, even though I didn't think that was the plan. I really need to be more steadfast. I blame the heat. For the middle of October, it was unseasonably warm. Balmy, even. I pined for the colder climes of a fictitious luge camp. Or a real luge camp. I'd even settle for some kind of bobsled training facility. Summer lingers. At least for now. Soon it will be gone and cold and wintry and I'll look back remorsefully on how I complained about the 70 degree weather, like some kind of huge jerk. "Haha," I'll say, "I was so dumb for complaining about near perfect weather." And then I'll set off on my luge sled. Whoosh. 

Well, this is going nowhere. 

(Much like me on a luge sled, as that sport requires a level of courage and athleticism I couldn't even pretend to fake.) 

Not to be too gripey, but walking or riding down the middle of a pathway and then getting mad that someone wants to pass you and can't because you're in the middle of the path and then only begrudgingly moving over and making a big deal about how put out you are about it- wait, did I say not to be too gripey? Because this sounds too gripey. Anyway. 

Took 33rd to Volta. Watched and heard a driver honk at the driver in front of her because he stopped fully at a stop sign. How droll. 

Took the regular way home and it was a beautiful night for cycling. I won't belabor how nice it was, just in case you didn't get a chance to ride home. And totally not because I'm kinda out of things to write and also kind of very tired. Yeah, that's it. Oh, also Evo Morales is trying to kill me. 

Ok, not really, but a driver stopped short to make a sudden turn into the Bolivian embassy on Massachusetts, and my bike made screechy brake noises, but eventually stopped, so that was fun and exciting. But other than that, not much eventful. There remains little international intrigue between work and home. 

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