Rides 11/4: Can I buy a trowel?

For the first time in my history of bike commuting, I found a way to leave my bike bag at home. Just plain forgot it. I realized this when I arrived at work. I didn't have my wallet, my lock, my lunch or a change of clothes. I was miffed.

I decided that I needed those things.

I stayed at work for a couple of hours and then rode home. I ended up returning to work (not by bike) since I had a presentation in the early evening, but worked the few hours in between from the couch. It was not altogether unpleasant, but I was about out of sorts.

I encourage you not to forget your stuff. It's distressing and complicating. I would've thought that it'd would be more of a lark. Like a 'haha, isn't that funny, now I get to ride my bike home sooner than I anticipated!' but it didn't really feel that way at all. I try not to get bothered by stuff like this (since it's really trifling), but I did. I'm over it now. But je me souviens.

I took the C&O Canal towpath on the way in. On the way home, I rode down Massachusetts Avenue and saw a local tv news transportation reporter standing on the sidewalk.

I also saw this guy:

Life may be a highway, but lif is definitely an overly wide urban boulevard.

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