Rides 5/4: dastardly deeds

This afternoon was the weather we all asked for a month ago when it was too cold to comfortably bike commute. And now it's too warm to bike commute. Great.

This morning was quite temperate. Morning's will stay nice for some time, but then they'll get that much warmer and then it'll be warm all the time. All the time.

That's fine for me. It's hot, you sweat. This shouldn't be too surprising. It's summer and you're outside. What do you expect? This is the way it is. Summer is hot, winter is cold. The months in between are sometimes bearable. Anyway, this makes me think of vegetables. Sometimes they're in season, sometimes they're not. I think we get ourselves screwy when we expect good tomatoes in winter or good water chestnuts ever (I don't like water chestnuts). Seasonality, such as it is anymore, is one of the winning things about being outside, even when being outside sorta stinks.

The other thing about warm weather is how it attracts the kinds of bicyclists who think that RACING is a great idea. There is a different between going fast and racing and the difference is in how you see your fellow bike commuters. If you happen to view them as people worthy of respect and consideration though they might happen to be traveling at a pace slower than your preferred one, then you're just going fast. But if you see them as obstacles and fellow competitors who YOU MUST GET PAST NO MATTER WHAT AND AT WHATEVER COST NECESSARY, then you're racing and it's wrong, so stop. The dignity of other bicyclists doesn't end because you want to get home faster than they do.

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