Rides 7/21: habit hat

I've more or less given up riding the Ogre for the summer. It's very heavy and slow and I'm trying to minimize the amount of time I spend out in the heat and the amount of strain it takes to get me from one place to the other. It's unclear to me if this is the correct decision. It weighs on me somewhat, weighs on me like a preposterously heavy bike. 

I went a little out of my way this morning to pick up a savory biscuit from The Wydown, a place on 14th Street that sells these kinds of things. I found the biscuit less savory than I would have generally preferred. Good though. Going out of your way to pick up a breakfast novelty is one of the true joys of bike commuting. 

A bit laggardly I went up the Massachusetts Avenue hill this morning. Maybe I should've eaten my savory biscuit before the climb instead of preserving it for a more civilized at-desk breakfast. I doubt that would've made much difference. Maybe I should start consuming those gross energy gel packs. Do they, like savory biscuits, come in bacon, sage, fontina flavor? Likely not. Gourmand goo. It's the next big thing. You saw it here first. 

I rode back through Georgetown, which was fine enough. One driver declined to look for me and nearly drove his car into me and that was less than thrilling. But it was a Prius, so I guess the carbon impact of my impact wouldn't be so bad. 

U see a U sticker on a car and U get out of the way before U get hurt. U dig? Also, U Thant is one of my top 5 favorite UN Secretary Generals ever. But that's neither here nor there.

Sometimes I ride through Washington Circle, though it's the worst. Maybe they should rename it Nixon Circle or Buchanan Circle. 


  1. Washington Circle. It's fine inbound at 6:30 in the morning, but I go out of my way to avoid it--and indeed all of Georgetown*--in the afternoons.Because I can. I suppose I should battle it out on M Street to help make things better for other cyclists, but I'm no superhero.

    *I will make an exception for Water Street if I want to go to Chain Bridge or the CCT.

  2. I had to write a school report on Buchanan's accomplishments once (the assignment was to write about the accomplishments of the president you drew from the hat). It was short. My mom had to write the teacher a note defending my brevity. It was both short and humiliating for both me and Buchanan.