Rides 7/30: Cardboard boxing

Like Frank Sinatra, I have a cold. This is keeping me off the bike today and also out of work, but it also affords me some time to write up yesterday's bike commutes, which were taken on Bikeshare.

The first leg was from home to downtown where I had an appointment. I left from the third closest Bikeshare station as the two closer ones, the ones I would normally frequent, were out of bikes. As I walked to the third closest station, I wondered why I didn't take one my own bikes, but when you say your mind to a Bikeshare commute, you really want to see it through. Also because I was taking Metro from downtown up to work. "wait, couldn't you have taken your Brompton on the Metro? Isn't that one of the main justifications you have for riding that bike? You still didn't have to take Bikeshare," you might ask

"What's that? You're breaking up. Driving through a tunnel. [static noises]," I might respond, lying.

Have I run out of ways to complain about the preposterously unbearable summer weather? Probably.

There's a funny part of my ride home that's a downhill followed almost immediately by an uphill and the funny thing about the Bikeshare bike is how the speed tops out and pedaling is completely ineffectual and then you're on the uphill and still going too fast to pedal, but you pedal anyway because that's what you're supposed to do and also it gives the appearance that you, not gravity and momentum, is dictating things. Screw you, Isaac Newton. You can't tell me what to do.

The Bikeshare station at 15th and L is almost exactly halfway on my ride home and makes for a great docking location for a 30 minute re-up. There's also a CityPaper newspaper box right around there and I stopped and picked up a paper copy of the copy and then hopped back on the bike and took that down 15th and eventually home. The heat remained a hindrance to overall enjoyment. Have I mentioned it was really hot and humid?

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