Rides 7/6: wait, I do this every day?

Monday after a holiday weekend and light bike traffic on the Hill and through downtown. A DDOT crew was installing another block of barriers on the cycletrack on Pennsylvania Avenue and now the overwhelming majority of blocks are protected. Whether this will result in more people using the lanes, I don't know. I would suspect so, but I mostly think that those people who don't feel comfortable biking in DC won't be persuaded by only one mostly protected avenue in a city that lacks a whole lot more. Maybe a few bike commuters who gave up Penn for other routes will find themselves drawn back. I don't know. 

Also new is the relocation of the guardhouse at Pennsylvania and 15th and E. This has opened up a more direct path to the Elipse and a theoretically faster westward path, which would be great except for the fact that E is one way east at 17th and 17th itself is mostly a disaster. It's almost as if minor piecemeal changes don't add up to overwhelming systemic change. 

The ride home saw a brief torrential downpour, then some run, then some rain, then more sun, then my biking down K Street from 7th to North Capitol in the sun, but thoroughly soaked. What do you call a street who's buildings have evolved to the point where the street no longer matches? It's like finally getting to the point that all new cars have CD players  now that digital streaming music has rendered CDs basically obsolete. Yes, they still work and yes, people still have them, but they're decidedly anachronistic. This is K Street, a former commuter highway that's now fronted by hundreds of apartments. The 2010 (?) redesign is already obsolete. Slow it down. Make it for people. 

Stopped at The Big Board on H to bring home some burgers. (This culinary decision might be shaped in some way by recently binge watching Bob's Burgers.) I was slightly more worried than usual about wiping out on streetcar tracks, but nope. After burgers, I biked 5th and then rain again, and then Mass Avenue and then home. 

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