Rides 8/17: barely a blog post

I was off work Friday and today didn't see much bike commuting either. I had an appointment in the afternoon to which I didn't want to arrive drenched in sweat, so I decided that I'd take Bikeshare in the morning to the Metro and stick to the Metro in the afternoon and so that's what I did.

The morning ride was an uneventful jaunt down East Capitol around Lincoln Park and up Massachusetts to 6th to F and then up the back way to Union Station. At 2nd and F and the entrance to Union Station, there's a DO NOT ENTER [EXCEPT BICYCLES] sign and I think that this is a pretty great sign and maybe we should use it more often, in both contraflow applications and contra-contraflow situations (or just flow situations, though I can't really think of any of these kinds of situations off the top of my head). Anyway, EXCEPT BICYCLES is just a really useful concept and I wish we could just accept that bicycles are a different kind of thing that in most cases totally fit in where cars do and in some special cases, fit in where cars don't. Except maybe instead of EXCEPT BICYCLES, we could just do a picture of a bike and a thumbs up. It's not clear to me the extent to which Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down has been approved by MUTCD, but I think it's way more fun than and more of a positive "go bikes go!" message than DON'T ____ EXCEPT ______.

Train was crowded in the morning. Not as crowded in the afternoon.

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