Rides 12/14: tutto bene

A washout on the way home, except nothing was neither washed, not put out, since I rode through it because that's just what happens when you commute by bike and it rains. All things considered, it wasn't a bad rain, since it was warm (much too warm for mid-December) and considering that there have been Decembers with snow, this was much preferable.

I think I forgot to mention the other night I saw a car with the license plate BACON. Sorry for the oversight. Was on a Mercedes SUV. Hope it belonged to a defense contractor because pork. Probably just belonged to a huge fan of empiricism. Anyway, tonight I saw a license plate MARY TB and I thought 'why would you honor Tuberculosis Mary' with your car and then I remembered it was Typhoid Mary and then I still didn't really get what that license plate was all about, vector or not.

This morning was balmy and I wore clothes that were too warm for the temperature, but I didn't care, because I'm not just going to surrender to the reality of a 60 degree December morning. I will fight it and fight it through overdressing and sweating through the overdressing. A man has to have a code.

I always want to shop for groceries on the ride into work (I just have more wherewithal in the morning), but I never do since it'd be a misappropriation of the office refrigerator. Also, allegedly, it's important to get to work "on time" and stopping and shopping seems to counter that some. Are there bike commuters that run errands pre-work and then schlep that stuff to the office? Are you one of those people?

For the record, I wear a cycling cap. Pretty much everyday.

Let's talk about the rain again. It wasn't heavy, but it was steady, but not driving. Even the rain doesn't drive there days. There was no shortage of bike commuters, though not as many with fenders as my idealized version of DC bike commuting would entail. Should there be a mandatory fender law? Well, no, that seems draconian. But it'd be nice if more people used fenders since they are practical in a few small ways, but the most important of those ways, to me at least, is to stop water from splashing the cyclist behind you, who is, sometimes, me. Anyway, it's winter now (sort of), so consider fenders. Please?

Rain Cat 6 up Capitol Hill. Love you CapHill Type-A weirdos. Love that we have a proving ground.

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  1. Not putting fenders on my bikes. I do have quick-release plastic rain guards for my rain bike, but of course I have to be riding my rain bike for that to work, and I'm often not riding my rain bike when it rains because it rains a lot and I don't always know when this will be because it's not predictable apparently, judging by weather forecaster accuracy re rain. I don't really want anyone riding close enough to me for them to get sprayed anyway, so maybe it's like a "Back-Off" bumper sticker on a car?

    I do love me some cycling caps though.