Ride 1/7: the end of the return

Didn't bike today and I didn't bike yesterday afternoon because I haven't been feeling very well, but I did bike in the morning to work and my bike currently sits in my office, where it will be either until tomorrow, when I might ride it home (I have to work tomorrow), or until Monday. It's not like I need to bring it home immediately or anything (I have no rides planned for Sunday, nor much free time for a ride, even if I wanted to plan one), but it still feels weird to not have the bike at home.

Yesterday morning I rode the normal route until I turned off Pennsylvania Avenue and went up 6th Street and then turned at K and went into the Safeway at 5th to buy Old Bay, which I dropped off at a hotel. Shall I offer an explanation? Nah, let's keep in cryptic. Like I live an exciting life full of surreptitious spice blend drops, like a spy who's more interested in seasoning than state secrets. Then I rode up 11th to R and across town to Massachusetts and up the hill. This used to be my route everyday for a few years, but I gave it up last year (two years ago?) and it's always like seeing an ex-girlfriend when I ride it again. The breakup wasn't bad, but there's a reason we're not together anymore.

And now for the part where I tell you, the brave 9 of you who dare read this, that once again, TFTS is going back on hiatus. Don't cry. It's not you, it's me. Back in school for another semester and this means that blogging is back burnered, even though bike commuting won't be. If all goes well- and I'm hoping it does- this will be the last hiatus for a while and come mid May, the daily mediocrity that is Tales From The Sharrows will rise, like the 37th most popular local phoenix. Also, for what it's worth (very little), the end of this month will be the 5 year anniversary of this blog. 5 years! I can barely believe it myself. You'd think the authorities would have intervened by now. Anyway, that's s long time and whether you've been reading since the beginning (sorry) or just started recently (sorry), a million thank yous (prorated to reading time). I hope to keep seeing the many of you who I regularly see and start see regularly the many of you I don't see. Unless you're ghosts. I wonder how many ghosts read this blog. Probably not a lot. Anyway, this went off the rails a bit. See you on the road or twitter or at coffee. Hugs and kisses.